10 Ways eSignatures can Speed Up Your Recruitment

author Written by Jinisha Ghodasara

10 Ways eSignatures can Speed Up Your Recruitment

The hiring process can be long and tiresome for both the candidates and the recruiters. The employees who sign the job offer traditionally, they find all the paperwork and dealing with contracts pretty time-consuming. However, a shift has been seen where the traditional handwritten signature is being transformed by electronic signing or eSignatures.

The eSignatures is being preferred more than the handwritten signature, especially where legal documents are concerned as it gives security with forgery-free and tamper-proof documents. So, we bring you 10 reasons why you should switch to eSignatures and how it speeds up your recruitment.

Reduces Paperwork

A new employee has to deal with tons of paperwork which requires tons of signatures. Customizing every document is time-consuming and eSignatures can solve this problem easily.

Speed Up Recruitment and Onboarding

eSignatures speed up the workflow by conveniently getting the offer letter signed by the manager and the candidate. As the recruitment process speeds up, it decreases the chances of the right candidate slipping away. eSignatures are also helpful during onboarding as the candidate spends less time dealing with paperwork and gets to know their workplace and team better.

Improves Visibility

eSignatures make sure that the candidate has filled all the stages of the new hire form as it can be checked easily by the recruiters. Also, if the candidate has not completed the forms, they can resume filling the form by tracking their eSignature as to which stage of the remains unfinished.

Ensure Accuracy

Another benefit of eSignature is that it provides consistency and minimizes mistakes. The hiring process often consists of a lot of paper before and even after being hired, there are chances that the candidate or the recruiter miss out on something or their handwritten signature being tampered which could lead to a fatal error in the future. eSignatures remove such possibilities for mistakes.

Get Faster Approvals

eSignatures smoothens the workflow and makes getting approvals faster when it comes to the hiring process or employee-related processes like getting offer letter ready, bonds signed, payroll, expense management or leave application.

Agency Terms and Conditions of Business

For the hiring process, recruiting firms make sure that the clients have understood the terms and conditions of the business beforehand to avoid any disputes. Mostly agencies email these terms to their clients or the process is automated through Recruitment CRM System but then these documents are printed, signed, and mailed back via regular postal system to finalize the agreement which takes up many days. This process can be completed with a day or even hours by the use of eSignatures. The clients can go through the terms of the agreement and email it back by signing it with eSignature.

Positive Employee Experience

As they say, the first impression is the last, eSignatures show the candidates that your company is digitally progressive and is concerned about providing their employees with a good experience. eSignatures decrease the hassle the employee has to deal with after being hired with the HR department while finishing up all the paperwork and signing a lot of documents.

Digitized Process

eSignatures make recruitment convenient, cost-efficient, and secure. It digitized the entire process by converting the entire documentation process online. These documents are then easier to maintain and these electronic records become easier to search or retrieve for future processes and use.


Timesheets are one of the most important documents as it contains crucial information that manages the workflow of the entire organisation. These timesheets are passed on to many people and require multiple signatures. Also, maintaining an online timesheet is far more convenient and simplified than maintaining pages and pages of timesheets. eSignatures have proven to be extremely efficient when it comes to timesheets as they provide a valid proof of the working hours and also speeds up the management process.

Authorisation for Payroll or Direct Deposit

When a new employee is recruited, setting up their payment is also an important process that can be simplified by using eSignatures. It ensures that the new employee's bank details and authorisation for deposits are set up in a good time for their first payroll-run.

So if you wish to lead in the game of recruitment and provide a fast and smooth hiring process, eSignatures are the way to go. If you haven't switched your methods, now is the perfect time to do so. Go Digital!

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