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5 Ways Recruiting Automation will Change the Way of Recruitment

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Recruiting Automation is the way toward improving the recruiting procedure by removing manual tasks that need to acquire, engage, pre-screen, interview, and hire. 

The popularity of AI-based applications is constantly growing in various sectors. Recruitment is one of the well-known sectors that is demanding for recruitment automation tools.

Fact about recruitment automation

In this age of automation, recruiters get the new opportunity to boost their hiring process more than ever. If recruiters or hiring managers do not adopt new recruiting automation technology or online recruitment software, then they are unable to fill the cutting edges.  Moreover, the recruiter will be covered by the dust of the competition.

This is a class of technology that permits organizations to automate hiring tasks and work processes so they can quicken time-to-fill, increment recruiter efficiency, improve the general ability profile of their company, and decrease cost-per-recruit.

How does Recruitment Automation Software help?

Recruiting automation tools to assist recruiters, organizations, and HR offices to automate hiring tasks and recruiting processes, so they can upgrade their ability pipeline, reduce time to fill, decrease cost per recruit, and improve general efficiency.

Some years back, recruiters must manually figure out an unlimited deluge of resumes to set up and construct a certified candidate pipeline. Basically, recruiting automation software automates the recruiting procedure.

It helps organizations to recruit smarter and quicker all through the whole recruiting procedure from pre-candidate through post-recruiting. They likewise decrease the time to recruit, improve efficiency, Identify most-fit candidates, and Increase ability pipeline.

Major Areas of Recruitment Affected by AI

Following are the major area of recruitment where AI will play a significant role.

AI effect on different area of recruitment process

According to the survey, 75 per cent of recruiters said that inventing recruiting automation technology will play a significant role in the upcoming years. Whereas, 71 per cent of recruiters ask for intelligent tools to process the data, e.g. recruitment automation tools.

Advantages of Recruiting Automation Software/Tools

Recruitment automation system targets expelling the tedious and the most labour serious tasks. An application tracking system can, for instance, post occupations, sort, and store job applications. Different sorts of software, for example, chatbots, can deal with a portion of the communication with candidates.

Recruitment groups get benefited by utilizing recruiting automation tools in numerous ways.

Here is little of the benefits of recruitment automation tools.

1. Enhance productivity

Recruitment automation software lets good recruiters work effectively and settle on better choices at a quicker pace. 80 per cent of recruiters accept that recruiting automation tools help them to improve their productivity.

Automation of the recruitment process like interview planning and manual resume screening permit recruiters to concentrate on important work. The AI calculates things faster and more accurately compared to the human. Therefore, accurate calculation through recruiting automation tools helps recruiters to make the right decision that directly relates to productivity.

2. Increased diversity

By utilizing technology for assessing, ranking candidates, and screening, you can evacuate any common employing biases and provide a guarantee for the procedure to remain totally objective. 19.6 per cent of recruiters agree that they are using recruiting automation tools to advance diversity.

Going to recruitment automation tools, you can discover the perfect applicants without any oblivious biases leads to improved variety in the work environment. Moreover, if diversity is taking place in the recruitment process, AI helps to avoid mistakes during diversity recruitment.

61 per cent of talent acquisition leaders believe that recruiting automation tools help them to UNCONSCIOUS BIAS during the hiring process.

3. Improve the nature of the hire

Recruiting automation builds productivity as well as increases the quality of an organization's employing efforts. It permits recruiters to employ applicants based on characteristics prescient for work achievement. Automation likewise leads to progressively steady hiring choices, as it expels numerous factors that are not prescient for work performance.

nature of the hire

4. Reduce time to hire

By automating certain stages of the employing procedure, for example, applicant pre-screening, pre-employment assessments, and nurturing, you can incredibly decrease your general time to employ and give an increasingly positive applicant experience procedure.

5. Improve candidate experience

The tool enables to automate certain stages in the recruitment process; recruiters can concentrate more on building connections, while applicants experience a streamlined procedure, get quicker reactions, and don't need to wait as long for an employing choice. It's a success for everyone.

Type of AI that will have Great Utility in Talent Acquisition?

It has been expected by the recruiters and talent acquisition leaders that AI will increase the speed of recruitment and improve the productivity of the hiring process. Below are the AI types which will play a vital role in Talent Acquisition.

  • Auto assessment

  • Big data analytic

  • Predictive analytics

How to Use Automation in the Recruitment Process?

Recruiting is one of the critical industries on which many or almost every industry depends; for human resources. Recruitment technologies are available now, recruiters and hiring managers can use this technology in various ways to automate the recruiting process.

Here are some of the uses of recruiting automation :

Automation in recruiting process

1. Job advertising and sourcing

One of the great ways to use automation in the recruiting approach is by publishing automated advertising on different platforms. Targeted automated advertisement will form a strong talent pipeline as well as improve the quality of the talent pool.

This recruiting automate tools automatically publish about the jobs on multifarious platforms like social media, job boards, website, etc. This helps the recruiter to diminish the cost-per-hire up to 30 per cent.

2. Applicant tracking

For providing a good candidate experience, applicant tracking is an internal solution. It organizes the candidate experience in a well -mannered manner. The applicant tracking system is the software that maintains the end to end information concerning the candidates.

Thus, the applicant tracking system is considered as one of the recruiting automation tools. That helps the recruiter to track the applicants, create the notes, maintain the talent pool,  source the candidates, create the notes, etc. Show the percentage of matching jobs and matching candidates via automating functionality.

3. Resume screening

Reviewing the resume of the candidates is truly a time-consuming process. Commonly, the recruiter spends 23 hours reviewing a single sheet of information. 

Using the recruiting automation tools for review and analyzing the candidate, and providing the score to make the best match of candidates and jobs. This saves the time of recruiting the team to recognize the top talent and move them to further process.  Resume screening makes a comparison amongst the resume on the basis of keywords and hiring data.

4. Interview scheduling

Interview scheduling is a hassle,  where the recruiter has to coordinate with candidates continuously in order to find out the right date and time. By using recruiting automation software, recruiters are able to streamline communication with candidates. Moreover, bring accuracy to the process of scheduling interviews. 

Final Thought Concerning Recruitment Automation

The jobs of humans in recruitment procedures will be diminished because of serious dependence on recruitment automation instruments. The truth is that there are AI-powered recruitment tools that improve choice making in recruitment procedures doesn't mean they can substitute humans. 

Recruitment automation tools are removing this issue humans are facing. Unquestionably, this will enable the procedure to be productive, smoother, and gives the confidence that a predictable and fair-minded choice has been made. Recruitment software comes in extremely handy when you have to handle a major number of employment opportunities and requests for employment.

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