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author Written by Rakshanda Jadeja March 17, 2020

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The recruitment industry is like every other business which needs strategic planning to be successful.  The expectations of candidates, HR executives and recruiters keep on increasing with the evolving technology. These days recruiters are enthusiastic and analytical in the way they find the right candidates. So, here are some ways in which recruiters can innovate in 2020.

Recruiting with Flexibility

A competitive hiring market implies offering advantages to employees which includes giving them a flexible work environment. This perk permits the employees to work some time from home and different hours at the workplace. This can act as your leverage against organizations with job offers that exclude flexibility. Flexibility depends upon the kind of occupation and technology and is generally reasonable for a person who can work remotely through their PCs.

Building and Managing an Agile Workforce

The distinction between a contingent and agile workforce is that a contingent workforce is one where employees hired for projects or temporary basis are included in organization’s current workforce as and when required whereas in case of an agile workforce is centered around skilled employees acquired when required from inside or outside of the company. So, it is better to have an agile workforce as they bring specialization to your workplace.

Video Recruiting

Video has been progressively used by organizations in their hiring procedures to inform about what the activity involves and to display the company's way of life, and qualities. Videos are useful during the interview process, analyzing applicants and also for addressing possibilities remotely.

Importance of Candidate Engagement

The significance of candidate engagement is known to all recruiters. It is perhaps the most straightforward thing you can do as we live in the most technologically advanced times and there is no lack of strong communication channels. Use each channel you need to connect with competitors. Make sure to be connected to candidates all through the hiring procedure and fully utilize social media platforms, emails, texts, chatbots, etc. Also, never forget to personalize your emails and not drown your candidates with unnecessary emails.


Want to Streamline your Recruitment Process?




Technology is getting progressively enhanced, and burrowing through each resume physically has become ancient for huge companies. Automation can help in multiple hiring processes like candidate screening, interview scheduling, and skills analysis while saving time and increasing efficiency.

Hiring Outside Your Target Market

Yes, you read it correctly. Recruiters should now give thought to hiring outside the target market. The lack of well-qualified candidates implies businesses will keep on looking outside their customary target markets. From now on, employees will not only be hired based on their prior work but will be hired based on their potential for development. Employers will likewise need to search for aptitudes they think will help employees adjust to the duties known as transferable skills. Transferable skills can incorporate things strong communication, flexibility, leadership, and trust.

The recruitment industry is not getting any simpler and to survive successfully, one must take every measure and adapt to industry trends along with innovating new ways. You can use these above strategies to evaluate and improve your hiring process and innovate ways of recruiting in 2020.

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