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How HitContract Elevated Hiring Quality by 38%.

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Top 10 Employment Agencies in Italy, Europe

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What Have We Covered?

Outsourcing to employment services companies in Italy will ensure that your company gets the best talent pool in the industry to select the perfect candidate to join your company and add value to it. These staffing firms in Italy will pay attention to the attitude and aptitude of the candidates so that they fit perfectly in the work culture of the company.

The employment agents working in employment companies in Italy have expertise in sourcing and screening profiles of candidates from different online job boards, professional networking sites, and social media platforms to present HR people with the most qualified candidates available in the market to select from.

As the blog is all about Italian employment agencies, It’s essential to know a little bit about Italy. As the leading country in Europe, Italy is really very beautiful as its beautiful capital, Rome. Italy is famous for its tourism, art cities and unique scenery. Italy is also known for its language, its opera, its fashion, Italian divine food and its luxury brands, as well as for its football team. Italy's national dish is pasta, and the country has over 3,000 museums. It’s a dreamland for people to live in and work for once in their lifetime.

Hence, we’ve researched thoroughly and found the top 10 employment agencies in Italy for job seekers and employers, HRs, and recruiters looking to hire top-notch quality candidates for growth. 

So, Let’s start the journey to explore the best employment agency!

Top 10 Employment Agencies in Italy, Europe

1. Synergie


The Synergie Group, supports in the development of your company in CDD-CDI recruitment, temporary work, training and HR consulting. The Synergie Group also offers specialized solutions, in a wide range of business sectors, to all its SME/SMI clients or large accounts, public or private sector and has dedicated missions that support its clients in terms of disability-related recruitment. professional integration or seniors.

Apply for Synergie jobs now!

2. Airswift


Airswift has been a global employment solutions provider to STEM industries since 2010. They serve as a strategic partner to their clients, offering turnkey employment services to deliver the top talent needed to fulfil successful projects by aligning with the unique needs of their clients. Airswift has managed a team of 25 contractors in Ravenna, with ConocoPhillips on the Jasmine project. 

These services range from labour supply services to permanent recruitment, onboarding, consultancy and cost-saving solutions. Their in-country services include Talent Acquisition, Managed Services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Global Employment and Mobility and HR Consulting.

Apply for Airswift jobs now!

3. Eurointerim


Since 1998, Eurointerim Spa was among the first employment agencies to begin operating in Italy. They are distinguished by being the Employment Agency authorised by the Ministry, which merges flexibility and services for Human Resources with knowledge and respect for Labour Law.

Eurointerim is the Employment Agency which makes People its Passion,  placing the professionalism of its Consultants at the service of Candidates and Companies to combine with Work.

Apply for Eurointerim jobs now!

4. Job Italia

Job Italia

Job Italia is a joint-stock company with entirely Italian capital registered in the Register of Employment Agencies set up at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, authorised to carry out the following services in Italy: training, search & selection, intermediation, work administration, outplacement, outsourcing and support for professional outplacement.

Apply for Job Italia jobs now!

5. Atempo


Atempo, an entirely Italian capital company, was founded in 2002 as a temporary work supply company by a group of professionals with long and consolidated experience in managing difficulties inherent in the world of work and research and personnel selection.

Atempo carries out all forms of temporary and permanent contracts and all other services relating to personnel. They offer human resource services such as personnel recruitment, ​​search and selection, training, temporary employment,  permanent employment, ​​staff leasing and administrative management of flexible personnel (payroll).

Apply for Atempo jobs now!

6. Adami & Associati

Adami & Associati

Adami & Associati is an executive search specialised company in selecting qualified personnel in Italy and abroad. They are active in the field of personnel research alongside SMEs, multinationals, professional firms and organisations. With the services offered by its HR recruiting activity, its clients have been able to improve their performance and broaden their growth, as well as their performance and turnover. They provide employment services to industries such as Automotive, Banking & Finance, Protected categories, Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals, Digital & New Media, Building and many more.

Apply for Adami & Associati jobs now!

7. Staff & Line

Staff & Line

STAFF & LINE employment agency is a member of the Italian Association of Personnel Managers AIDP. Most of their clients have relied on their professional services in personnel management and consultancy since 1989. STAFF & LINE Personnel Management Strategies are also engaged in the field of professionalism and professional ethics.

Apply for Staff & Line jobs now!

8. Arethusa


Arethusa was one of the first Employment Firms established in Italy that specialised in Middle and Senior Management since 1990. Their key to success is the extremely high level of client satisfaction. Clients who have employed their services for years know and respect their enthusiasm and the expertise that distinguishes them in all phases of personnel research and selection.

Apply for Arethusa jobs now!

9. Future Manager

Future Manager

Future Manager is a Born-Global company which provides HR solutions at a global level in Italy, covering 34 countries worldwide, since 2012. They are an "external change factor of human resources", with a role that is sometimes supplementary to customer needs, regardless of the FM solutions that the company decides to use. Future Manager is on this concept that all the women and men of the Future Manager base their mission on a global level.

Apply for Future Manager jobs now!

10. NHRG


NHRG is a Generalist Employment Agency authorised by the Ministry of Labour, present throughout the national territory, born with particular focus and expertise in the following market sectors: ICT, Medical, Logistics, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities and GDO and Fashion&Luxury. They are passionate people, ready to support organisations in enhancing and developing human resources, the real cornerstone on which to build a company's success.

"In particular, the high-level Fashion&Luxury and Cosmetics sectors are represented by the NHRG brand, Love for Work". 

Apply for NHRG jobs now!

It’s a Wrap!

Hopefully, This article will be helpful in providing information about the best employment agencies in Italy. These agencies can more than likely help HR personnel needs, from delivering quality talent to offering unique service levels. However, which is right for you, will depend on your specific needs and goals.

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