Unlocking Excellence: How HitContract Elevated Hiring Quality by 38%.

How HitContract Elevated Hiring Quality by 38%.

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Top 10 Recruiting Agencies in Nigeria, Africa

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Hiring for a small, medium, or large business is not an overnight process. Reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and setting salaries can take valuable time away from an entrepreneur's regular commitments and can negatively impact their business in the long run. For this reason, some companies work with recruitment agencies as they can save a company time, energy and resources and remain productive while seeking qualified candidates.

Recruiting firms recruit employees for companies that want to fill specific positions. They help businesses hire different jobs like temporary and direct employment. To recruit talent, recruitment agencies have to integrate with multiple job boards, manage a large number of applications, and conduct interviews, which is a hectic task. Recruiting software is an excellent option for recruiters and staffing agencies as the software helps to recruit like a marketer, manages the hiring workflow and assists in matching AI-based profiles. Recruitment CRM software is one of the many reasons recruiters should consider simplifying their hiring process. The software reviews resume, schedules interviews, and even conducts background checks on potential employees. Additionally, it creates analytics, detects useful recruitment KPIs and helps improve the recruiting function.

Recruitment agencies implement many recruitment methods to locate new talent; below are the most commonly used.

1. Internal Candidate Databases

2. Professional networking sites

3. Networking Events

With a population of over 200 million, Nigeria must have many recruitment agencies. Although the country has a reasonably severe unemployment problem, there are many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and institutions that can help businesses fill vacancies with qualified and professional workers. Technology advancements have made things easier for job seekers and employers, and this article will focus on the top 10 recruitment agencies in Nigeria. 

Top 10 Recruiting Agencies in Nigeria, Africa

1. Workforce


Workforce is a recruiting firm in Nigeria that provide consultants to some of Nigeria’s most important and interesting companies delivering value across diverse areas such as Strategy, Learning & Development, Talent Sourcing, Assessment & Verification and Talent Outsourcing Services.

At Workforce Group, they are committed to helping their clients perform better and achieve their desired results and are known for their ability to consistently adopt a thorough approach in understanding peculiar client needs and consequently deploy customised, innovative solutions to meet those needs.

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2. Stanton Chase

Stanton chase

Stanton Chase International has proven expertise in recruiting executives in key sectors of the global economy. Their recruiters operate as an international team with nine industry-specific professional practice groups. They provide unparalleled support with every step of the way, from sourcing the best talent to ensuring your leadership team works as effectively as possible through three core services: Executive Search, Executive Assessment and Board Services.

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3. Blue Steps

Blue Steps

Blue Steps is a recruitment agency that provides financial services companies with workforce planning and talent acquisition services. Since 2000, they have offered C-suite professionals from the director level in over 70 countries with insight and resources to create competitive business plans for their careers.

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4. Brunel


Brunel's global solid network connects the most talented and experienced specialists with current pioneering projects. With over 120 offices and over 12,000 professionals worldwide, they are a staffing and talent agency that transforms global projects in the areas of life sciences, oil and gas, infrastructure, future mobility, mining and renewable energy. 

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5. Global Career Company

Global Career Company

Global Career Company is a recruiting agency that unlocks the potential of Africa's human capital through recruitment, executive search and events. Nigeria's Global Career Company Talent Network is the best source of local talent for finding alumni and professionals. They work with multinational and regional brands in Nigeria to complete succession planning, EVP promotions, staffing and job postings, employee engagement surveys, leadership development, capacity-building support and more through GCC consulting initiatives.

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6. Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance recruitment agency

 Alliance recruitment agency was founded in 2010 with a team of experienced human capital management professionals. Alliance International has taken on the task of providing human capital management to companies in various industries across the region. Their service portfolio includes recruitment, staffing, placement, training and consulting.

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7. My JobMag

My Job Mag

MyJobMag is a recruiting agency with a vision to efficiently match the best candidates of all levels with great companies while constantly developing both ends of the market in different functional areas. They aim to influence the quality and discovery of employers and workers, solving fundamental employment challenges in Africa. From internship coaching, career advice and training to personalised job search, they are everything for candidates.

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8. eRecruiter


Erecruiter is a customer-first recruitment agency. Their goal is to be the best recruiter in Africa in the industries they serve. They continue to expand their market and enter new territories. Erecruiter's currently recruiting across the African market, and they provide suitable candidates considering the role and organisational fit.

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9. Phillips Consulting

Phillips Consulting

Phillips Consulting was founded in 1992 and headquartered in Nigeria. Phillips Consulting Limited (pcl.) is a leading business and management consulting firm, serving clients across Africa through offices in Lagos and Abuja. At pcl. they transform possibilities by collaborating with their clients to innovate towards optimal performance. They provide the versatility of their scope of services covering transformation, technology, people, and outsourcing.

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10. Platinum Careers

Platinum Careers

Platinum Careers has grown to become a leader in international recruitment. They are a talent business. They help clients across the continent get the right people at the right time and in the right way. It can be board-level, executive, permanent, contract, outsourced, interim, offshore, onshore or anything that helps clients achieve their goals.

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Final words :

Working with a recruitment agency can be incredibly beneficial for companies with specific job vacancies looking to streamline the hiring process. Finally, to decide which recruiting agency is best and worth working for, one should know to use a recruitment agency. Here are a few things to implement while choosing a recruiting agency. 

1. Understand and identify what your organisation's recruitment needs are

2. Communicate your expectations and check if their expertise and experience cover your needs

3. Identify the various products or services they offer that suit your needs

4. Consider your budget to know if you can afford their services

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