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How HitContract Elevated Hiring Quality by 38%.

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Best 15 Recruiting Agencies in Sweden, Europe

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Companies generally compete for top talent in this highly qualified work environment and finding the right candidate could be challenging. The benefit of working with recruiting agencies is that the company will be able to hire candidates faster since the agency will take care of all the administrative work, and you will only have to receive the new staff in your business. The agency handles the entire recruitment process, saving you a lot of hassle.

An applicant tracking system helps companies organise candidates for hiring and recruitment purposes. 78% of recruiters using an ATS report that it has improved the quality of the candidates they hire.

After all, every country is unique, and we all know that Swedes and their culture differ from the UK or USA. Still, it is interesting to learn about Swedes in the recruitment process. Here are some facts about Sweden's recruiting process.

  • Swedes and their vacation
  • Swedish labour laws
  • Notice periods
  • Willingness to extensive travel and to move
  • Paternity leave
  • Different leadership
  • Competitive market

The staffing firms in Sweden have a vast database of resumes of candidates from various industries and for various job roles that may be technical, non-technical, or managerial. About 14% of Sweden's workforce is employed via a recruitment agency, and this form of employment has become more popular over the years. Professional staffing consultants can access the best and most widely used online job portals, social media platforms and professional networking sites to source the most suitable candidates per the client's job requirements.

These best Sweden recruitment agencies have made the burden on companies much more effortless. Also, with them being affiliated with many companies, finding a job with a recruitment agency is faster and easier. Here is our list of the top recruitment agencies in Sweden that will provide you with the right talent that suits your recruitment needs.

Best 15 Recruiting Agencies in Sweden

1. Hays


Hays is the world's leading recruitment group, experts in attracting talented professional and skilled people globally, and a market leader in the UK, Asia Pacific, continental Europe and Latin America. They help to achieve your career goals and meet your business needs by combining meaningful innovation with their global reach and insight.

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2. Academic Work

Academic Work

Academic work is a recruitment and staffing company. They recruit and hire young professionals – students and graduates who are at the beginning of their careers. Academic work was started by three students who lived their business idea. Now they are an international business where young professionals start their careers every day.

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3. Manpower


As one of Sweden's leading recruitment and staffing companies, Manpower has a large candidate base and extensive experience attracting the best talent. They have offices in 50 locations nationwide and take great pride in solving your customers' needs for personnel quickly and safely. Manpower offers staffing for short and long assignments in many different professional areas. Hiring staff through a staffing company like Manpower is an efficient and flexible way to bring in the right skills - exactly when needed.

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4. Corner Stone


Cornerstone International Group was founded in 1989 and is a recognised HR partner by Forbes and Hunt Scanlon and an accredited global member of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC). With 60 offices in 40 countries, they enable their clients to succeed locally and grow worldwide. Strategic talent acquisitions, coaching managers to leaders, and career transition support are the three critical business solutions they provide. 

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5. Wise Professionals


Wise Professionals is a recruiting agency founded in 2008 and part of the Wise Group. They are proud partners to some of Sweden's strongest employer brands and HR organisations. Their offices are in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö/Öresund, but they work all over Sweden.

Apply for Wise Professionals jobs now!

6. Beyondo


They were founded in 2017 as Undutchables Sweden; as of 1st of July 2022, they operate under the name of Beyondo. Beyondo recruits talented internationals and home-comers on the Swedish market in various business areas, such as finance, sales, marketing, IT and engineering. They have assignments from international companies looking to enter the Swedish market. They can guide them through the Sweden registration process and find the right talent there.

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7. Hammer & Hanborg

Hammer & Hanborg

Hammer & Hanborg is a consultancy company with three business areas, all of which aim to develop the professional life of the future. In the Recruitment & Staffing area, they provide organisations with competent employees and thereby help them to be competitive and attractive both now and in the future. They have offices in Stockholm, Öresund, Gothenburg and Oslo.

Apply for Hammer & Hanborg jobs now!

8. Ecommerce Recruit

Ecommerce Recruit

E-commerce Recruit is a search and recruitment company that is niched towards the e-commerce sector and offers one of the industry's strongest candidate networks. They help the companies in the starting pit to digitise and those who are already an established player in the market to recruit correctly. To meet the industry's constant change and development, they work to scout out and attract candidates adapted to the respective industry. Today, they work with some of the leading companies in E-commerce and understand what is required in a dynamic and innovative environment.

Apply for Ecommerce Recruit jobs now!

9. Rubino Recruitment


Rubino Recruitment is small, so each client matters if you need help recruiting in Sweden. Their strength is a thorough understanding of your business and recruitment challenges. They specialise in recruiting professionals from Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, Marketing Managers, Marketing Assistants, Business Assistants, and Financial Assistants to CFOs. Since its founding in 2003, they have recruited for most business roles, especially in sales, marketing and executive positions.

Apply for Rubino Recruitment jobs now!

10. Finance Recruitment

Finance Recruitment

Finance Recruitment is the finance recruitment expert. Together they have over 20 years of experience in recruitment. At Finance Recruitment, they believe in specialisation and focus solely on roles in Finance, Accounting, Banking and Financial Services to ensure quality delivery.

Apply for Finance Recruitment jobs now!

11. Trib


Trib, a talent agency, is a recruiting agency in Stockholm with the whole world as their market. Since their start in 2010, they have chosen all their assignments with care and have grown a robust network of top-notch human beings. Whether temporary or long-term, entire recruitment or only parts of the process, a whole team or an individual, a second opinion or coaching, they have a solution for your organisation.

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12. Almia


Almia works with staffing of licensed doctors, nurses and other qualified healthcare personnel. Almia was founded in 2016 with the vision of contributing to better health for the entire healthcare chain; healthier patients, better working conditions for healthcare staff, simplification and relief for caregivers.

Apply for Almia jobs now!

13. Meritmind


Meritmind provides companies with senior-level accounting and finance professionals on a project and interim basis. They also offer recruitment of managers, specialists and other qualified financial positions. Meritmind has been in business and now has the largest network of qualified finance professionals in Sweden. Within their niche, they have grown to become the largest company with the most employees and the highest turnover.

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14. Next U

Next U

Next U is a recruitment company and staffing company in Stockholm. They recruit and hire salespeople, economists, project managers, managers and other personnel in the white-collar sector. They are located in Stockholm but do assignments all over the country.

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15. The talent company

The talent Company

The talent company assessed the organisation and listed the competency needed. They help find candidates and recommend how to proceed with the new management team members.

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Need a Recruiting Agency?

As a job seeker in Sweden, looking for a job can be difficult alone, but with the help of recruitment agencies, you will surely get the position of your dreams. Recruitment agencies work closely with both candidates and clients to better understand their needs and provide them with the right fit.

So, find an employment agency specialising in your field and work with them to get the best results. To get more guidance for recruiting agencies in a different region, you can also refer to, 

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