Quick Guide to Build an Effective Referral Program

author Written by Amit Ghodasara June 14, 2019

quick guide to build

Employment is all about networking and expanding your contacts. As a recruiter, you need to communicate with so many people in a day. It's not just communication, it is going to help every recruiter when they want some manpower.

There are basically two ways to fill the requirements of the manpower;

  1. In-house Recruiting
  2. Recruitment Outsourcing

In terms of filling the positions quickly and cost-effectively, recruiters rely on the first method of recruitment as it is not so complicated. This kind of internal recruiting can be beneficial in many ways. To implement/apply this method in your recruiting within your organization, you need to build a strong employee referral program for your current employees.

What is the procedure of a complete employee referral program?

Let's see the step by step procedure of an employee referral program that can attract more employees to take part in it.

  • An Announcement in the Organization
  • Mass Email Campaign
  • Candidate Mining
  • Selecting & Recruiting
  • Referral Bonus

This is the simplest way to fill up the positions with quality candidates. Let's see how to do the above practices in the right way, so you can build an effective referral program.

An Announcement in the Organization

In an In-house Recruiting, when you come across any open position your first job should be announcing it in your company. You can use flyers and posters that your company is going to run an employee referral campaign.

It is very important to make aware your people about the processes. Try to catch their attention, so you can build a strong repo of your employees from the beginning.

Mass Email Campaign

Mass emailing could be the key process while going for the referral program. If you have a big organization and you are not able to talk to every employee about the referral program, you can drive an automated mass mailing campaign within your premises.

So every member gets to know about the program you are going to prepare for. You can have some default templates too. So whenever you run this kind of program again, you can directly use the templates.

In this email, you can mention the following points:

  • Why do you need to hire new people: like you are a growing company and you want to expand your business in certain areas etc.
  • What will be the procedure: like how can your employees can take part in this program. You can also put some form to fill up and confirm their participation.
  • What would be the benefits of taking part in the process: you can give your employees a glimpse of the processes and what benefits they can get out of this. You can give some incentive or a gift voucher or something more creative you could deliver.

Candidate Mining

This is a quite easy process than other processes. You just need to grab all the candidates you got from your employee as a reference. You can create a great candidate database out of this process.

This is called candidate mining. You can create different talent pools for bifurcation also. This database can be used for future purpose also. In this manner, this easiest process can work very effectively while searching for the new candidates.

Selecting & Recruiting

This is just a normal process for a recruiter. You can screen the candidates, you can call them, schedule for the interview process and so on.

This could be another simplest process. You can keep your database so clear that you can see which current employee in giving a good amount of quality candidates. You can select the candidates according to your needs and immediately start with the onboarding process. You can also have some automation in your processes so your employees can get the notification on the processes.

Referral Bonus

Here we are doing something additional. You have to pay your employees for their participation and interest. There are so many ideas to make your candidates feel rewarded. You can mention some salary plus or a gift card or a vacation coupon. You can also make them an employee of the month or something like this. Referral bonus can be counted by the number of hires you did. You can have proper data with the details. You can also prepare certain charts and reports out of this process and promote on your social media walls.

This can make your company brand stronger. This also helps you in making your employees more engaged with the company culture. If you make them brand ambassador, they can deliver you more potential candidates from their circles.

Additionally, this can help in improving your current employees' work efficiency too. If they feel noticed and cared for by an organization, they will work more productively. So start building your employee referral program today.

If you want to manage your end-to-end employee referral program through an ATS, you can try iSmartRecruit - Best ATS System that allows you to manage campaigns like this. To see how it works, you can ask for a Free Demo from the sales experts.


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