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How HitContract Elevated Hiring Quality by 38%.

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Top 20 Employment Agencies in Germany

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Employment agencies are booming with the rise of new startups and rapid business growth. They provide extensive services to overcome the problems HR faces. 

Over the past few years, the labour market has undergone a significant transformation, and the hiring process is now longer and more challenging than in earlier decades. So, it is quicker and simpler to work with a staffing firm. 

According to Matthew Rowles, senior manager of talent acquisition operations at Coca-Cola Consolidated, "great talent becomes harder to find. It becomes extremely time-consuming for HR managers to review résumés and conduct interviews while still being responsible for their day-to-day operations." The employment agencies can prescreen and qualify candidates to ensure the HR manager is always interviewing talents that are a fit for the role." 

Top 20 Employment Agencies in Germany

In this top 20 employment agencies series, we have covered the leading German employment agencies. These agencies offer various services, including CV reviews, interview preparation, job information, and recruitment advertising. So if you're interested in working for yourself instead of as an employee somewhere, here are some of the top employment agencies in Germany to get you started.

1. Caissa Recruitment


Caissa is a talent acquisition, recruitment, and executive search organisation focused on technology and the digital economy. Caissa's mission is to help clients and candidates identify and pursue their employment goals. As part of Arrows Group, they provide world-class recruitment services to startups and scale-ups in Europe and beyond. They have worked with young startups, medium-sized companies and multinationals in various business areas.FinTech, e-commerce, AdTech, InsurTech, VC, SaaS, AI, ML, R&D, health, etc. This diverse experience gives them a deep understanding of the global human capital market, enabling us to provide their clients with comprehensive and insightful advisory services.

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2. Upex Group

Contacts Management

Upex Group is a leading employment agency based in Germany, dedicated to connecting job seekers with exciting career opportunities and assisting businesses in finding the right talent. With a customer-centric approach, Upex Group offers a diverse range of staffing solutions that cater to various industries and job roles. Through their extensive network and personalized services, they effectively match skilled candidates with companies seeking their expertise. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the local job market,

Upex Group is a trusted partner for both individuals striving to advance their careers and businesses aiming to streamline their workforce.

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3. O'Farrell Online

O'Farrell Recruitment

O'Farrell Recruitment is an employment agency based in Berlin, Germany. O'Farrell specialises in recruiting multilingual and IT professionals for clients in Ireland, Germany, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. They have been providing recruitment solutions and services to companies in the EMEA region for over 20 years.

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4. Jac Recruitment

Jac Recruitment

JAC Recruitment was established in London in 1975; its network covers 11 countries globally. With over 1,200 professional advisors worldwide, They specialise in placing highly qualified professionals in large multinational corporations in Asia and beyond. They offer 360-degree advice to companies and job seekers looking for new development opportunities.

They provide professional advice and career change support to mid and senior-level professionals and specialists seeking new opportunities and companies operating in various industries worldwide.

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5. Progressive Recruitment

Progressive Recruitment

Progressive is an international recruitment consultancy providing permanent specialist employment and contracts placement services for the IT, pharmaceutical, healthcare, telecommunications, construction and engineering industries.

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6. ACTIEF Personal Management

Actief Personnel Management

ACTIEF Personnel Management is a reputable and established provider of personnel services with a primary focus on specialists and assistants in the social, commercial, technological, and medical fields. They have successfully provided their customers with qualified and committed staff since 1989. Their reputable clients in business, industry, trade and services value their many years of experience and the quality of their team. 

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The IRC – International employment Company Germany GmbH is your personnel service provider in Munich, specialising in executive search/headhunting, personnel placement, interim management/freelancer placement, and HR outsourcing. You benefit from personal support, quick feedback, and competent HR consulting - with the result of a tailor-made filling of the vacancy. IRC recruiting teams use algorithms, self-developed recruiting strategies and much experience to quickly fill your vacancy with the ideal candidate for you.

Apply for IRC GMBH jobs now!

8. Headmatch


Headmatch is one of the most reliable employment agencies in Berlin. Founded in 2010, they already have many contacts to connect job seekers. They work in Finance and Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Information Technology, Property and Construction, Interim and Freelance, and the Legal sector. 

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9. Sowelo Consulting

Sowelo Consulting

Sowelo Consulting offers in a package: Experience and knowledge gained in recruitment for leading brands. They provide services like Executive Recruitment, Executive Search, Headhunting, Staffing, Recruiter, Recruiting, Recruitment, Direct Search, Interim Recruitment Services, RPO, and Master Vendor.

Apply for Sowelo Consulting jobs now!

10. Horwood Koehler GMBH

Horwood-Kohler GMBH

Horwood-Köhler GmbH is Munich-based recruitment, strategic resourcing & talent planning solutions provider to science, technology & engineering sectors across Southern Germany and beyond. They enable high-tech, innovation-driven companies to hire excellent science, technology & engineering professionals and realise their strategic resourcing & talent planning strategy. 

Apply for Horwood Koehler GMBH jobs now!

11. Recruitment Circle

Recruitment Circle

The Recruitment Circle offers everything from candidate staffing to workshops on tech recruitment. They are an aspiring and experienced team in Berlin that has made it its mission to find the right tech talent for the right positions.

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12. Worklink Staffing

Worklink Recruitment

Worklink Recruitment Firm was founded in 1999 in Evensburg, P.A. In 2018, WorkLink expanded to Latrobe, Pennsylvania. In 2021, WorkLink Staffing will open its third office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. WorkLink Staffing is the 'link' to finding the perfect job or employee. They specialise in temporary and permanent recruitment of clerical, light industrial and technical assistance.

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13. TH Bender

TH Bender

TH Bender is a leading American executive search firm with German and American origins. Focuses on senior and second-level recruitment for US subsidiaries of companies based overseas. Country recruits his manager (CEO, President, General Manager) and his direct reports, evaluates existing teams, assists in succession planning, and efficiently and carefully builds a successful team from the ground up. 

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14. Academic Work

Academic Work

Academic Work offers opportunities for students and graduates. Their customers are active in many fields. They include market-leading international companies such as banks, telecommunications companies, and smaller, specialised companies. The company's main business areas include finance and business services, but it also manages quotas and recruitment in other educational sites.

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15. Harvey Nash

Harvey Nash

Harvey Nash is part of Nash Squared, the leading global talent and technology solutions provider. With more than 3,000 workers spread over 36 locations in the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Harvey Nash has helped many of the world's leading organisations to recruit, find, and manage the high-quality talent they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive, technology-driven world. They work with clients large and small to offer a portfolio of technology recruitment, IT outsourcing, and leadership services.

Apply for Harvey Nash jobs now!

16. Jobilities


Jobbility is an employment agency that connects people. They specialise in IT, Engineering, Business, Industry, and Manufacturing. They characterise these areas with high-quality HR services, first-class orientation, constant innovation, and appreciative dealings.

Apply for Jobilities jobs now!

17. Professional Scientists

Professional Scientists

Professional scientists are Germany's first personnel service company to specialise in the placement of academic staff consistently. They are looking for candidates for your vacancies in research and development and technology: highly qualified academics from institutes, universities and industrial careers who want to contribute their specialist knowledge to the economy and want to develop further.

Apply for Professional Scientists jobs now!

18. Konzepthaus Consulting

Konzepthaus Consulting

Konzerthaus Consulting specialises in full-time and part-time recruitment and headhunting of the brightest minds and talent in the mobility and transportation sector, including automotive and aviation. Employing the right people will give your business the advantage it needs to succeed. Whether you are looking for new candidates or want to build up a new team: their consultants will guide you through the strategy for your business. As a consultancy, it is not solely their ambition to find the right talent but also to help their clients realise their ideas. We offer expertise in planning and executing challenging hiring schemes to set up new companies. 

Apply for Konzepthaus Consulting jobs now!

19. iBeat


iBeat is your partner for qualitative, value-based recruitment and consulting for human resource management in the digital world. The company aims to help shape and change traditional recruitment and management attitudes. They are a strategic and hands-on HR consultancy based in Berlin. We drive the growth of startups and digital SMEs by supporting outstanding entrepreneurs and executives in building their teams and organisational structures; we act as a strategic partner, especially in periods of strong growth.

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20. Outsourcing4work


Outsourcing4work started its inspirational journey in Germany almost 25 years ago. However, circumstances surrounding their founder's health forced us to adopt the remote working model more than a decade ago, and they've been 100% remote ever since. Today, they boast a diverse team of 100+ employees living and working remotely in over 15 countries worldwide. They can source highly qualified candidates to support your business needs. They are flexible and follow Agile methodology improving workflow, which ensures greater satisfaction for their clients and employees. The company aims to become your one-stop shop for all recruitment needs.

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Using employment agencies has several advantages. However, the main benefit of developing a solid working connection with a respectable company is having access to talent solutions and HR professionals. That not only assist you in finding the ideal combination of individuals to help you reach your business goals but also help you save time and money.

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