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Top 20 HR Consulting Companies in Indonesia, Southeast Asia

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We live in a time where it's nearly impossible to keep up with the constant changes being made to employment laws and regulations in the modern era as they are enacted. Business owners may occasionally feel superhuman, capable of filling every position required by their company. Additionally, it is easy to manage on your own until your company grows and things start to get out of control. HR Consultancy Services may be helpful in this situation.

Businesses can overgrow, especially if they are well-managed and offer top-notch products or services. Most small businesses may never use human resource consulting services. Human resource consultancy becomes a viable alternative once your company reaches a specific size and profit margin. In contrast, each company's decision to use human resource consulting will vary from company to company.

Generally speaking, you can have an HR consulting firm take over the entire HR department of your business or employ them for specific HR tasks where you require their help. So let's discuss hiring an HR consulting firm. We have listed a group of HR Consulting companies in Indonesia and will guide you about how it might match well with your expanding business! 

Top HR Consulting Companies in Indonesia, Southeast Asia

 1. HR Consulta

HR Consulta

 HRConsulta was established in 2016 to help Clients across all sectors more successfully manage their personnel concerns. They distinguish themselves from competing businesses by offering specific HR services under one roof. HRConsulta doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy, and they don't do generic. Instead, they customise your assistance to your unique needs. They have the knowledge to assist with creating your company's regulations, employee handbook, or HR audit.

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2. Pro Capita

Pro Capita

ProCapita is the top headhunting firm in Indonesia. They are Local Market Executive Recruitment Experts and were established in May 2014. Their office in Jakarta, which is British-owned and run, offers traditional headhunting services to businesses. To find, hire, and keep the best talent for their client's business needs and goals, they Identify and Directly Approach all Relevant Candidates for every assignment.

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3. HR Path

HR Path

 HR Path was founded in 2001 and served over 1,500 clients across 19 nations. HR Path, an expert and essential participant in human resources, supports companies whose digital transformation depends on the human experience. The three business sections of HR Path are Advise, Implement, and Run, which contribute to the corporate HR performance of your clients.

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4. Headhunter Indonesia

Headhunter Indonesia

Headhunter Indonesia is a well-known and long-lasting consulting firm for people management. A variety of significant companies specialise in providing recruitment solutions for filling middle and senior management roles up to C-level appointments. Their services include talent acquisition, executive advisory and help with people management-related solutions.

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5. Madel Consult

Madel Consult

 Madael consult is an hr consulting company providing HR support, especially in Indonesia and SEA. Their service is all about HR, such as Headhunting & Bulk Recruitment, Outsourcing, HR Solutions & Consultation, Training & Development. To guarantee the return on the investment for all parties involved in the business, they support and collaborate with corporations through strategic people management, organisation and business development, an effective and efficient administration system, tactical HR solutions, and corporate legal and licence compliance.

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6. People Strat Consulting

People Strat Consulting

People start consulting is a human resources consulting company in Indonesia providing top suppliers of workforce solutions. They assist you in planning, designing, and implementing a people strategy for your most important human capital challenges. They provide executive search, recruitment services, ex-pat hiring, evaluations, and HR consulting.

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7. iSDM HR Strategic Tools


iSDM Consulting is an HR management consultant committed to offering HR consulting, HR system development, HR research, evaluation, and training in Indonesia with more than 15 years of experience. More than 800 organisations and businesses have benefited from the consultation, evaluation, and training services provided by iSDM Consulting. Harrison Assessment International has recognised iSDM Consulting as a distributor since 2007.

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8. Experd


EXPERD (derived from EXecutive PERformance Development) is a leading human resource development consultancy. They are dedicated to offering organisations various human resource services and have a broad and highly skilled workforce.EXPERD was established in 1989 and is based in Jakarta. EXPERD takes excellent satisfaction in providing complete employment solutions, psychological examinations, training, organisational development, and employee counselling to the highest levels of professionalism as a business and as a team of individuals.

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9. Edukarir


Edukarir Indonesia is a business that offers solutions to enhance organisational or corporate performance and is powered by high-calibre Indonesian personnel. With a strong team focus and a strategic approach derived from Six Sigma, Lean, and other well-known international methodologies, their team is strongly motivated to improve the business model and process through the growth of its people.

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10. Links International

Links International

Links Internationa is an hr consulting firm with 20 years of HR excellence in Asia, and they deliver services in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia, and New Zealand. Their services include Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Payroll Outsourcing, Self-service HR Portal, Visa Application Services, Secondment/EoR (Employer of Record), Employer Branding Services and Outplacement.

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11. Greatday Hr

Great Day Hr

GreatDay HR is an HR consulting company in Indonesia. To make it simple for you to manage every part of the employee lifecycle, including payroll and tax calculations, attendance records, leave requests, and reimbursements, GreatDay HR offers a single, simplified, automated solution. Thousands of businesses, from small start-ups to giant corporations, rely on GreatDay HR. They are passionate about supporting our clients on their journey to becoming great companies - great businesses, fantastic workplaces, and great people.

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12. Pegawe


Pegawe is a human resource consulting company that provides your company payroll and HR administration services at an affordable budget. They know that you'd instead focus on your business than spend valuable time on HR administration, which is why they help you make your workflow easy.

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13. Potentia Hr

Potential Hr

PT PotentiaHR Consulting is Executive Search & HR Consulting company in Indonesia. Executive search is their primary area of expertise, and they have the worldwide reach and strategy to find, screen, assess, and choose the best candidates for our customers. Services provided by Potentia HR Consulting are Retained Executive Search, Outsourced Recruitment, Performance Management, HR Audit, Psychometric Assessments, Training & Development, and HR Consulting.

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14. Adapt Consulting


A consulting company in Jakarta, Indonesia, called ADAPT Indonesia, offers services as a management consultant (konsultan manajemen) and human resource / HR consultant (konsultan sumber daya). They deliver both short-term and long-term projects to help your clients achieve their organisational needs and business goals. The head office of ADAPT Indonesia is located in Jakarta and offers recruitment services, corporate recruiters, headhunters in executive search, specialists, and professionals to the Indonesian market. They provide professional HR recruitment services in various corporate and financial areas.

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15. Jac Consulting

Jac Consulting

JAC Consulting is a reputable provider of market-entry support services for local and international companies looking to enter the Indonesian market. Their professional consulting services are created to break down the market entry process into manageable steps so that your company may get off to a successful start.

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16. Os-selnajaya


PT. OS Selnajaya Indonesia has supported Japanese companies in Indonesia for over 20 years as an overseas group company of Outsourcing Co., Ltd, which develops comprehensive human resource services. They offer a wide range of services focused on human resources, legal matters, and education to solve all types of problems Japanese companies face in Indonesia. They help simplify procedures and streamline operations. 

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17. Million Makers

Million Makers

 A million Makers have spent years honing their skills, specialisation, international associations, and partnerships to provide their clients with the best starting business solutions and services. In addition to company formation, opening bank accounts, and virtual offices, they also provide human resource solutions for domestic and international success and help their clients with their information technology needs for software and web development.

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18. lumiratalenta


LUMIRA is an HR Consulting firm providing services that include HR advice, executive search, translation, and interception. The pillars of their philosophy are DYNAMICS, QUALITY, and TRUST. LUMIRA's KNOWLEDGE, SKILL, AND PROFESSIONAL pillar require them to operate in teams, sharing knowledge and experience, to ensure their clients receive the advantages of this more extensive competence.

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19. Persol Indonesia

Persol Indonesia

PERSOL Indonesia, established in 2007, and previously known as Intelligence Asia, is one of the fastest-growing recruitment firms in Indonesia. Their brand name, "PERSOL",​ is derived from "Person"​ and "Solution". They specialise in providing Japanese businesses in Indonesia with specialised HR services. Their offerings include Temporary & Contract Staffing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Business Consulting Advisory, Permanent Placement (both Local and Japanese), and Payroll Outsourcing Services. To meet their business needs and objectives, we collaborate with and assist our clients in finding, hiring, and retaining the best personnel.

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20. Kharisma


Kharisma Potensia Indonesia is an HR consulting company expert in the field of Human Resources that provides quality HR consulting that focuses on customers' goals. Kharisma offers a full range of HR services, including executive search, employee training programmes, professional assessments, and HR consulting.

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The HR department of your business can start strong with the help of HR Consultancy Services. It could even save you time and money. It is impossible to overlook the duties of the human resources department. HR consultancy firms can reduce your burden from managing employees. Furthermore, it is more cost-effective since you don't need to pay an entire HR team to complete the task. We hope this information is helpful to you, and if you are finding hr consulting in a different region, then you can refer to,

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