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Top 20 HR Consulting Companies in Ireland

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A strong workforce is essential to success, particularly in today's complex and challenging job market. Human resource management enables you to optimise your employees' performance and work to boost productivity, retain and grow top talent, protect your organisation from compliance issues, and save money. Using an HR Consulting firm can make this process easier and ensure that you are always in compliance.

Need of HR Consulting Companies 

Unfortunately, as businesses become healthier and faster, HR processes and programmes frequently fall by the wayside. A full-service HR department can also be extremely costly for small business owners. Employers like these understand the value of a strong workforce to remain competitive and productive and want to use HR to achieve this. Many businesses turn to HR consulting services when they are not ready to expand or create their HR team.

Human resource management, payroll, and compensation are critical functions, but they fall under non-revenue-generating tasks. Even though these activities can consume up to 40% of an entrepreneur's day, this issue can be solved by hiring an HR consulting company that can effectively handle your company's HR functions.

To guide and make your workforce easy, we have gathered a group of HR Consulting companies in Ireland. It's worth taking a look.

Best HR Consulting Companies in Ireland

1. Adare Hrm

Adare Hrm

Adare Human Resource Management is a leading expert in Employment Law, Industrial Relations, and best practices in Human Resource Management in Ireland. They offer these services to businesses that may or may not have an internal HR department. These businesses range from sole proprietorships to small owner-managed businesses to multinational corporations.

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2. Insight HR

Insight hr

Insight HR is a world-class human resources consulting company that offers valuable HR support and advice to businesses in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Insight HR provides expert HRM advice and skilled HR Consultancy, Training & Development, Compliance, and Recruitment services. Their team of knowledgeable and experienced consultants can provide you with a full-service outsourced HR department, on-site project-based consultancy, or dedicated phone and email support as and when your organisation requires it.

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3. Guinan HR Consulting

Guinan HR

GHRC is an independent HR consulting firm based in Ireland. GHRC specialises in Human Resource Strategy Development, Workplace Investigations, Team Development, Performance Management, Assessment and Selection Interviewing, Change Management, and Executive Coaching.

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4. HR Team

HR Team

HR Team specialises in reducing staffing stress so businesses in Ireland and the United Kingdom can succeed. HR Team was founded in 2013 to fill a market gap for a fresh approach to human resources and employment law. They saw a need for more than just a traditional HR consulting firm that could provide hands-on assistance to employers and do so with a laser-like focus on commercial operations. HR Team ensures that their clients receive the highest performance from their most valuable asset - their employees.

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5. HR Suite

HR Suite

The HR Suite provides outsourced HR services and Business Solutions that add real value to your company. HR advisors can provide timely and accurate advice, support, and training on a wide range of topics in Ireland's complex and ever-changing human resources and employment legislation arena. They can also help you maximise your employees' skills and productivity, effectively control your payroll budget, implement HR best practices, assist with third-party and employee negotiations, and ensure legal compliance. The HR Suite enables businesses to outsource their HR and business needs cost-effectively.

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6. Perspective HR

Perspective HR

Perspective HR provides Human Resources consultancy and support to all organisations in Ireland, focusing on small and medium-sized businesses and international companies needing local HR guidance. They can provide one-time project support, such as advice on a specific issue, or they can act as your virtual HR department, providing regular on-call guidance and scheduled time on your site, depending on your needs. 

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7. Albatel


The Albatel Team specialises in payroll, human resources, and recruitment. Albatel is a one-stop shop for all of your employee requirements. You can use as few or as many of their services as you want, in person or remotely. They tailor your solutions to your specific needs, so you only pay for your requirements.

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8. People HQ

People HQ

People HQ is a Northern Ireland-based HR and recruitment consultancy. Everything they do is people focused, from HR Consultancy to Recruitment Consultancy, and they help businesses achieve the success they deserve. Founded on the premise that nurturing the client-candidate relationship will result in a happier and more productive workforce in the long run.

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9. Beyond HR

Beyond Hr

BeyondHR is a forward-thinking, independently-owned advisory firm that assists businesses in recruiting and managing employees. The company serves a variety of SMEs and larger corporations throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They offer unlimited phone and email support from HR consultants to businesses across the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland with outsourced HR. They provide clarity and advice on various people management, recruitment, and health and safety issues, including developing a clear action plan and identifying potential risks, particularly in workplace grievance incidents.

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10. HR buddy 

Hr Buddy

HR Buddy is an HR consultancy and HR talent solution company. The firm offers expertise in HR Consultancy, HR Outsourcing and Payroll outsourcing to various businesses. Also, it creates customised employment contracts and staff handbooks according to the requirements of its clients. Their HR protection service will make fully compliant business with all employment legislation and regulations and will advise, guide and support you through all HR-related issues and the difficulties that may arise in the industry. HR Buddy aims to achieve the highest level of performance & development.

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11. Ask Hr Solutions

Ask hr solutions

AskHR offers in-house HR support solutions for SMEs and agency staff in the retail sector. They provide HR service and support on a particular project or ongoing basis. Their extensive services include HR Audit, Ongoing HR Support Services, Employee Contracts, Handbooks, Policies & Procedures, Recruitment Consulting, and HR Mentoring & Training. In addition, they make company handbooks, employment contracts, and other essential HR policies and procedures documentation.

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12. GHR Consulting

GHR Consulting

Founded in 2019, GHR Consulting in Ireland provides various HR services custom to each client's needs. These services include Hr audits, HR outsourcing, recruitment and retention, performance appraisal, HR Information systems and employee benefits. The firm aim to fill the gap in the market for companies who want an in-person local person rather than calling a helpline. They guide their clients on how to attract and retain top talent. Also, they make HR policies and employment contracts. 

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13. Think People

Think People

ThinkPeople is an HR consulting and training company for clients across the UK and Ireland. They provide HR, learning and development consultancy. Think People Consulting helps organisations execute strategy through the engagement and optimization of their people. They service various related disciplines, including organisation development, tailored talent development and outsourced HR. The company will help deliver actual commercial results and make foundations for an even better tomorrow.

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14. Happy Raspberry

Happy Rasberry

Happy Raspberry is an expert in HR outsourcing and HR consultancy and advice. They provide practical HR solutions to assist with your day-to-day HR obstacles. Also, they help to manage the HR admin load through an easy-to-use and reasonable HR Software Solution that will centralise all worker details and support managing holidays, sickness absences and performance reports. They aim to give a wealth of HR experience, which their clients can tap into to get resolutions and solutions. The company manages HR operations and inspects the workplace to make it better for employees. 

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15. HRP Group

HRP Group

HRP Group company is an HR service, HR outsourcing, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm. They form legal documents and policies regarding HR and employment law for various companies. They offer a range of HR advisory, recruitment and outsourcing services depending on their clients' needs. Their clients can access experienced, qualified HR professionals for all their HR requirements. All their consultants are qualified HR professionals with CIPD accreditation.

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16. Voltedge


Voltedge is an HR consultancy company that provides outsourcing, recruitment, and employee engagement service. They help engage the employees in the company's vision, innovation, and creativity. They guide to increasing employer branding, which can help in sourcing, hiring, and retaining talent. They develop HR solutions that make a difference by leveraging our expansive knowledge and industry expertise. 

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17. Pinnacle HR

Pinnacle HR

Pinnacle HR boutique consultancy associates with high-growth organisations to create their people strategy, source and hire top talent, and guide their senior executives to construct emotionally intelligent leaders and create high-performing teams. The company believes in a philosophy that excellent strategies, visions, and people-driven products are essential. However, the aspects such as revenue or customers and the right people with the proper growth mindset generate higher results. They provide services in HR and talent consulting, talent acquisition, emotional intelligence & leadership development, and executive coaching.

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18. MSS The HR People

MSS HR People

MSS is Ireland's leading HR Support Consultant and is a dedicated firm that provides a reliable, cost-effective and functional HR service to Irish SMEs, start-ups and multinational companies. MSS provides services of HR consulting, Human Resource Management, Employment Legislation advice and representation, Employer Compliance, Recruitment, and HR Administration. They work with customers to provide valuable HR and recruitment services by coaching them from over 35 years of experience—they advise their customers with a supportive approach which is sensible and always honest.

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19. Irwin HR


Irwin is an HR consulting firm in Dublin, Ireland. HR provides award-winning expert advice and support to employers on various Human Resource Management issues, including Health and Safety and Training and Development, on an outsourced basis. We serve as the HR business partner for organisations that do not have an internal HR function, relieving pressure and allowing business owners to focus on core operations. Irwin HR can provide additional HR capacity and expertise when an organisation has an internal HR function.

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20. HR Connections

Hr connection

HR Connections' team combines a unique blend of HR, Health & Safety, and Training expertise and assistance on all aspects of the employment relationship. Their HR Specialists are fully qualified and Chartered Members of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) with a track record of success in human resource management. 

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HR issues can be extremely time-consuming when handled without the assistance of a specialist. HR rules change constantly, so you must ensure that you're always adhering to the most up-to-date laws and regulations. Otherwise, you may put your business at risk of litigation or other legal consequences. Consulting an HR consulting firm can make this process easier. Identify your niche, and you can make the best selection from the above list. For more information regarding hr consulting companies in different regions, you can also go through,

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