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Top 20 HR Consulting Firms in Canada

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In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business world, organizations face a multitude of challenges when it comes to managing their most valuable asset: their people. From talent acquisition and development to performance management and organizational effectiveness, the field of human resources (HR) has become increasingly complex. That's where HR consulting firms come into play.

There are many HR consulting firms in Canada, each with their own unique approach and areas of expertise. Some firms specialize in recruiting and staffing, while others focus on employee engagement and retention. Many firms also provide training and development programs to help employees grow and advance in their careers.

When choosing an HR consulting firm, it's important to find a partner who understands your business and your goals. Look for a firm with experience in your industry and a track record of success. You'll also want to consider the firm's values and culture to ensure that they align with your own.

To help you find the right partner for your business, we've compiled a list of the top 20 HR consulting firms in Canada. These firms were selected based on their experience, expertise, and track record of success in the industry.

Here is the List of Top 20 HR Consulting Firms in Canada

1. Aline Ayoub HR Consulting

Alien Ayoub

Ayoubhr is a reputable HR consulting firm that specializes in helping small businesses in Canada. With over 30 years of experience in company culture, business environment, and team building, they are experts in human resource consulting and management. They are dedicated to delivering professional and reliable services to their clients because they genuinely care about their success.

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2. Clear HR Consulting

Clear hr consulting

Clear HR Consulting Firm has been providing exceptional human resources services in Canada since 2004. Their services have helped many businesses in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, to strategically manage employee issues, implement best practices and execute specific HR projects. As a business owner or manager of a small or medium-sized organization.

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3. MaxPeople


MaxPeople is a comprehensive human resources (HR) consulting firm that provides tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes. They offer a wide range of HR services, including HR consulting, compliance support, employee training and development, recruitment and staffing, performance management, and policy development. MaxPeople aims to partner with organizations to optimize their HR practices, foster employee engagement, and promote a positive work culture.

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4. Jouta Performance Group


Jouta is a leading HR consulting firm that specializes in providing strategic solutions to businesses across various industries. They have a reputation for being experts in their field and offering comprehensive services to help organizations perform at their best. Jouta's HR consultants work closely with clients to understand their individual needs and goals. They offer a variety of services, including talent acquisition and management, performance management, employee engagement, compensation and benefits, HR policies and procedures, and leadership development.

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5. Parker HR Solutions

Parker Hr Solutions

Parker HR Solutions is a trusted HR consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses streamline their human resources operations. With a focus on providing customized solutions, their expert team offers services in talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, and HR compliance. Parker HR Solutions empowers organizations to build strong teams, navigate complex HR challenges, and achieve sustainable growth.

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6. Elevated HR Solutions

Elevated HR

Elevated HR is a dynamic HR consulting firm specializing in innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a passion for elevating organizations, their dedicated team offers comprehensive services in talent management, employee engagement, leadership development, and HR strategy. By leveraging their expertise and cutting-edge approaches, Elevated HR helps businesses optimize their human resources practices, drive performance, and create thriving workplaces. Partnering with Elevated HR equips organizations with the tools and strategies to excel in today's competitive business landscape.

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7. Williams HR Consulting

Williams HR consultancy

Williams HR Consulting is a trusted and reliable firm offering expert solutions to businesses seeking to enhance their human resources functions. With a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, their team provides a wide range of services, including talent acquisition, performance management, employee engagement, HR compliance, and training and development. Williams HR Consulting partners with organizations to develop customized strategies and implement best practices, enabling businesses to optimize their workforce and achieve long-term success.

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8. Capital HR Solutions

Capital hr solutions

Capital HR is an HR solution based in Edmonton that serves clients throughout Western Canada to position your company's human capital for success. Capital HR Solutions provides integrated human resources programmes, procedures, and services to meet and align with the goals and objectives of your firm. They can help you create a strategy for hiring, managing, advancing, and motivating your staff.

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9. Niagra Street Consulting

Niagra Consulting

Niagra Street Consulting provides human resource consulting services to small to mid-size businesses in Greater Toronto and Eastern Ontario. They provide personalized HR solutions to support your company's growth. They achieve this by getting to know your team, business, and difficulties, developing a change strategy, offering tactical help, and developing doable manuals for managing productivity, advancement, culture, and communication. Their creativity, expertise, and flexibility ensure you get the desired results while spending less time, money, and effort.

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10. Salopek Consulting

Salopek Associates

Salopek & Associates is a team of HR and business consultants specializing in strategy, human resources and board governance. They provide on-call assistance to clients across Canada and can assist you with finding, hiring, and developing the best employees and setting up efficient company processes. Salopek & Associates thoroughly understands your market with Senior Consultants in the Calgary region. They provide strategic HR and business support and are available around the clock to discuss your needs, whether a project that needs in-office work or a first meeting to discuss your services.

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11. Vertical Bridge HR

Verticle bridge Hr

Vertical Bridge is an HR consulting firm in Canada. In HR Consulting Services, Leadership Training & Development, Recruitment, Workshops, and personal/professional development through Coaching/Mentoring, Vertical Bridge's team of professionals has combined their HR consulting knowledge and experience to offer exceptional programmes and services to businesses and individuals. Vertical Bridge HR provides an integrated strategy for creating effective strategic HR solutions that encourage the recruitment and retention of top talent.

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12. UpSourced HR

Upsourced Hr

UpSourcedHR is a dedicated HR Consulting firm in Canada that strives to improve workplaces. Their main goal is to educate and promote human resources fundamentals, which is why they partner with organizations that share their passion and vision. They offer a variety of outsourced HR services and support, including assistance with onboarding, legal and regulatory compliance, performance and talent management, policies, employment standards, and employee engagement. Additionally, they provide licenced professional investigators to support workplace investigation needs. UpSourced HR focuses primarily on Alberta and is familiar with the local market.

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13. Miles HR

miles Hr

Miles is a seasoned professional who has been connecting top talent with inspiring organizations across Canada for over 15 years. Their expertise lies in linking visionaries, achievers, and pioneers. Miles provides customized HR solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes. They pride themselves on delivering their services with efficiency, empathy, and attentiveness to ensure the success and growth of every project they undertake. If you're looking for an HR consulting expert, Miles HR Solutions is the go-to company with extensive experience in working with associations and boards.

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14. Axxel Bromelin HR Consulting


Axxel HR has been providing comprehensive HR consulting services in Canada since 2007. Their team of experienced consultants is equipped to handle any outsourced HR service or training program that you require. Axxel HR stands out from other HR consulting firms by offering a range of services, including HR & Legal, Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, and Payroll and Benefits. Whatever your specific needs may be, Axxel HR can tailor their services to meet them.

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15. True North HR Consulting Services

True North HR Consulting Services

TrueNorth is an HR consulting firm in Toronto, Canada that offers HR consulting services customized to your specific requirements. From small businesses to large corporations, they aim to help, advise and implement strategies and policies that simplify managing your workforce. They ensure that both sides of the table are well-informed by first getting to know you and then assisting you in getting to know your data. They can drive significant change to make your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

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16. Sixth Sense HR Resources

Sixth Sense Hr resources

SSR HR Consulting is a trusted HR consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations navigate the complexities of human resources management. With a client-centered approach, their team of skilled professionals offers a range of services including HR strategy development, talent acquisition, performance management, employee relations, and compliance. SSR HR Consulting partners with businesses to streamline their HR operations, optimize employee performance, and foster a positive work environment. By leveraging their expertise and industry insights, SSR HR Consulting enables organizations to achieve their goals and drive sustainable growth.

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17. Tap Strategy & HR Consulting

Tap Strategy Hr Solutions

Tap Strategy and HR is a premier HR consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and human resources solutions. Their dedicated team of experts works closely with organizations to develop customized strategies that align with their business goals. Tap Strategy and HR offers a comprehensive suite of services, including HR strategy development, talent management, organizational development, and change management. With a focus on driving sustainable growth and enhancing workplace performance, Tap Strategy and HR helps businesses optimize their human capital and achieve long-term success.

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18. Higher Talent

Higher Talent

Higher Talent is an HR consulting firm with a team of experienced HR professionals who provide the best consulting services to build a strong organization with skilled talent. Mainly, the company focuses on delivering services: HR consulting (Guide your company about Strategic leadership, Employee engagement solutions, Employment & HR policies, HR strategies, and compensation consulting. Executive Search, Permanent placement, and Temporary staffing.

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19. People First HR Services

People First Hr Services

PeopleFirst HR Solutions is a leading HR consulting firm that prioritizes people-centric strategies to drive organizational success. With a focus on creating exceptional employee experiences, their team of seasoned HR professionals offers comprehensive services in talent management, HR advisory, compensation and benefits, employee engagement, and HR technology solutions. PeopleFirst HR Solutions partners with businesses to develop and implement tailored strategies that align with their unique needs and culture.

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20. Daeco HR Consulting


DaeCo HR Consulting is a trusted HR consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses optimize their human resources practices. With a focus on delivering tailored solutions, their team of experienced HR professionals offers comprehensive services, including talent acquisition, performance management, employee engagement, HR policy development, and compliance. DaeCo HR Consulting partners with organizations to understand their unique challenges and goals, providing strategic guidance and practical solutions to drive success.

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Final Words

Predictions indicate that the HR consulting industry trends will continue with rapid growth as they are assigned to make a workforce easy for every type of business. We understand that selecting the top HR consulting firms can be complex. After reading this article, you should know which providers to include on your list as you search for the top HR consulting for your company. If you find any difficulty in approaching the Top HR Consulting firms in other regions, we also have a list that will help to find you the best among them. You can also refer to, 

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