Unlocking Excellence: How HitContract Elevated Hiring Quality by 38%.

How HitContract Elevated Hiring Quality by 38%.

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Top 20 Recruiting Agencies in the Philippines, Southeast Asia

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Recruitment is a time-consuming and costly process for a business. It drains out the HR department and all other resources with very little guaranteed results. This is a dilemma for employers. After all, every employer understands the value of outstanding talent and wants to have them as part of their company. But how to approach such talent? Here comes the need for recruiting agency because recruitment is their focus area of business. So, they possess the required resources to help you with the right hiring.

A reputed recruitment agency eases an organization's pressure by handling all its hiring needs. It has the expertise and the resources to run an efficient and effective recruitment campaign. They will take care of your recruitment needs while you stay focused on your business growth.

Finding jobs in other countries, especially the Philippines, can be difficult. Because There are over 800 registered recruitment agencies in the Philippines alone and international agencies that arrange to staff for employers in the Philippines, we have hand-picked the best ones for you.

Top 20 Recruiting Agencies in the Philippines

1 Staffhouse


Staffhouse is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation recruiting top-level professionals. Staffhouse has become an industry leader in just a few years, earning the trust of workforce candidates and some of the world's biggest firms. They have done this by strictly adhering to industry best practices, such as the "no-fee charging policy," which prohibits charging any recruits for placement, processing, or salary deductions.

Staff house delivering top-calibre recruits for top companies in Asia and the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and North America, covering various industries like Agriculture, Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Engineering, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical, among others. That's why Staffhouse has it down to a science when it comes to international recruitment.

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2 Manila Recruitment

Manila Recruitment 

Manila Recruitment is a full-service recruitment consultancy providing executive, expert and technical recruitment support for the Philippines market. They have been the leader in innovation for recruitment solutions in the Philippines since 2010. They were born from entrepreneurial roots and carefully crafted into a full-service consultancy that delivers a suite of innovative headhunting and talent sourcing solutions. Their expertise is characterized by an unmatched comprehension of their clients' "big picture" business needs and how recruitment solutions can only be adjusted for the best results when a holistic approach is used.

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EPS Staffing Service

EPS Staffing Service Group Inc. is a trusted HR partner in the Philippines and a part of EPS Group that has been operating recruitment and contract staffing services for decades in SEA. EPS main business activity is to provide IT recruitment, Executive Search and Staffing Services to their clients in the Philippines. EPS has a strong presence in the South-East Asia region and aims to provide a full-service approach to support their clients for all their recruitment and manpower needs.

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Industrial Personnel and Management Services (IPAMS)

Industrial Personnel and Management Services, Inc. (IPAMS) is a global recruitment firm in the Philippines specializing in the career placement of Filipino professionals and workers. IPAMS has consistently maintained its impeccable and ethical standards of practice. Through the years, IPAMS has upheld its reputation as the unparalleled provider of professional counsel and assistance in Labor Relations, Overseas Recruitment, and Personnel Management. 

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5 Platinum Brothers

Platinum Brothers

Platinum Brothers International Manpower Agency Inc. (PBIMAI) is one of the most renowned overseas employment agencies in the Philippines, which is also authentic, and license approved by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of Philippines. Over the years of commitment to quality, they have consistently been producing a significant amount of successful deployment to satisfy their clients worldwide. 

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6 Andrews Consult

Andrews Manpower Consulting

ANDREWS MANPOWER CONSULTING, INC. (AMCI) is a duly licensed recruitment conferring company in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. AMCI helps with overseas placement for Filipino professionals and workers. They have a skilled assessment unit and a team of recruiters for expansive sources and the pre-examine process. The firm also provides a workforce to its clients in the construction, engineering, hospitality, and healthcare sector.

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7 Aguinaldo Recruitment

Aguinaldo Recruitment Agency

Aguinaldo Recruitment Agency, Inc. recruits, trains, and places many different Filipino labourers, both full-time and part-time, around the globe. They have experience working for respectable employers in various industries, including manufacturing, general labour, forestry, nursing and healthcare, construction, engineering, and trade jobs. The company's mission is to deliver outstanding customer service while matching qualified candidates with hiring clients.

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8 Corretto

Corretto Global Recruitment

Corretto Global Recruit is a Makati-based headhunting and executive search firm specializing in executive, non-executive & high-impact recruitment. Corretto's goal is to identify and provide the ideal candidate for their customer, someone who can contribute to their client's success. They believe in long-term and successful client relationships.

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9. Alliance International Services

Alliance International Services

Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of the leading global recruitment, staffing, and executive search companies. They operate through a network of worldwide teams with specialists in recruitment manpower consultancy, hire-train-deploy staffing, RPO, offshore hiring, headhunting, and executive recruitment services in the USA, Canada, the UK, the Middle East, India, and 20+ other countries.

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10 MIP International

MIP International

MIP International Manpower service specializes in the career placement of Filipino professionals and skilled workers for overseas employment. The company's goal is to maintain an excellent service to the entire Filipino workers.

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11 InCorp Talent Solutions

KC Global Talent Solutions

InCorp Talent Solutions is a full-service Recruitment and HR Consulting firm that provides Headhunting, Executive Search, Payroll Processing, and Staffing Services for startups, scale-ups, and existing multinational corporations operating in the Philippines. 

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12 Abba Personnel Services

ABBA Personnel Services 

Abba Personnel Services Inc. is a licensed recruitment agency that started its operations in June 1998. Its reputation is further cemented by its Top Agency Performance Award of 2002 issued by the POEA. The company not only supplies workers to the Philippines labour market but also helps Filipinos get employment overseas in countries like Bahrain, US, UK, and Oman, among others. 

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13 Pride Consulting

Pride Consulting

This independent recruitment agency provides staffing services to the Philippine real estate industry. It focuses primarily on finding quality professionals with the skills and experience to fit well in the relevant vacancies.

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14 Premierlink Placement

Premierlink Placement

Premierlink Placement Inc. is a POEA-licensed recruitment agency that recognizes the endless need for skilled and unskilled workers in the business and service sectors. The company aims to reach out to every business sector and deploy qualified and best-suited candidates from the Philippines.

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15 Horizons


Horizons is the leading recruitment agency in the Philippines. Horizons' highly experienced recruitment team work with your company to source qualified candidates from entry-level positions to mid-management to executive-level talent. Their experts possess a nuanced understanding of job functions across various roles and industries. Horizons' recruitment platform simplifies the process of sourcing, hiring, and onboarding foreign talent for businesses worldwide.

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16 Links International

Link International

Links International has a workforce of more than 120 people working across the Asia Pacific and specialises in providing HR services in-country. Links International is an industry leader in creative, in-country human resources solutions and recruitment strategies. The Link International employment agency specialises in HR & Admin, Banking, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Temporary & Contract, Retail & Luxury, FMCG, Property & Construction, and Industrial recruitment. They offer tailored recruitment solutions, ranging from retained and contingent recruitment services to executive search.

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17 1st Dynamic Personnel

1st Dynamic Personnel Resource

1st Dynamic Personnel Resource Inc is a government-licensed manpower recruitment agency focused on improving people's lives by giving them career opportunities. They take an unconventional approach to carefully craft each recruitment strategy to ensure that the company meets their customers' needs. Most importantly, they understand every aspect of the hiring requirements, going beyond what is expected.

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18 Orange International

Orange International

Orange International Manpower Services company is located in the area of Makati City, Philippines. They fulfil your manpower needs through a meticulous and proven recruitment methodology which leads to timely and efficient deployment of workers to your business.

Apply for Orange International jobs now!

19 Benchstone Enterprises

Benchstone Ecterprises

Benchstone Enterprises, Inc. (BEI) is a POEA-licensed manpower recruitment and staffing agency authorized to process and deploy Filipino workers around the world. BEI aim to collaborate with clients in order to fulfil their personnel requirements for both short-term and long-term projects.

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20 GTI Recruitment

GTI Recruitment

GTI Recruittment Inc is a land-based recruitment agency located in the area of Makati City, Philippines. GTI Recruitment provides solutions and expertise to various industry sectors that help companies position for growth, execute strategy, and improve business agility.

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Hiring recruitment companies will provide countless benefits to the organizations that hire them for their hiring needs, as recruiting agencies only make the hiring process more comfortable and inexpensive. Recruitment Companies Connect Employers with Relevant Job-seekers. They are the easiest & fastest way for any organization to hire the best talent. 

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