Top 9 tips: How to better Manage your Candidate's Database

author Written by November 11, 2019

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Hiring Process can be tedious, time-consuming and take up too much energy but can you imagine how difficult it is to face stacks and stacks of an unorganized database during and after the recruitment of new candidates. It doesn't matter whether the database is of new candidates or existing employees but it is highly important to manage it properly as an unorganized database brings chaos and takes up too much time and energy when certain data is required from the database.

So, here are 9 ways to manage your candidate database:



The database should be prepared before starting the hiring process so the data can be entered into the database right away instead of piling on the data and struggling to make data entries and maintain the database. The categories in the database can be altered or added later according to the need. 


Application Tracking System

The simplest and best way to manage your candidate's database is by using an applicant tracking system or ATS. It helps to post jobs across multiple platforms and data-centred approach for hiring new candidates. 


Use screen category filter

Recruiters should build up a procedure for screening candidates resumes and save them in their database for later use. 

This applies to applicants that apply to your posted jobs and applicants that you manoeuvre into your ATS through outsider apparatuses (aggregators and boards). Utilize your screened filter as a channel while scanning for quality candidates in the future.


Focus on skills over keywords

Make sure to add skills to your applicants as opposed to depending entirely on keywords as it makes the process simpler for you and your group to discover these candidates. By doing this, you'll additionally lessen your reliance on complex or boolean searches and will be able to stay away from the candidates that bluff using keywords in their resumes.


Avoid Duplicate Entries

Your ATS software should be able to avoid generating duplicate entries. When you add a new candidate in your database, your software ought to alert you about it by comparing employees data through email, first and last name, phone number and so on. These will help keep your data organized, save time and make managing the database hassle-free. 


Database Segmentation

You should create segments in your candidate database based on categories like skills, location, language, experience, etc. This makes easier to find candidates data and keeps the database properly arranged. 


Guidelines for data entry

Set up criteria for how the recruiters should enter data and new records for candidates screening. Also, the data of the candidates that have been organized and properly labelled should be used to set an example which can be used by the recruiters during the hiring process and thereafter. This brings consistency and keeps the database organized.


Contact somebody to clean your current database 

If your database is totally out of control you can't comprehend beginning a cleanup procedure than you should contact somebody to clean your current database. You can consider hiring a freelancer or an intern to organize and label your database properly.


Third Party Tools

Look for third-party tools that can assist you in organizing your database. Different innovations that incorporate into ATS can assist you with parsing resumes into previous or altered scientific categorizations like skills, languages known, experience, and so on making going through and using the database simpler and efficient.

The old techniques of managing the database on paper and files or excel sheets are not enough as it can be very complex to maintain. So, use the above tips to make your work easy! 

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