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How HitContract Elevated Hiring Quality by 38%.

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15 Best Employment Agencies in California, United States

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Did you know that 40% of respondents said that the most challenging phase of the recruitment lifecycle is sourcing candidates, according to a report by Statista? It becomes more difficult in the current competitive market, where few top talents are available due to skill shortages. 

However, an employment agency is a life-saver to mitigate the problems recruiters and HRs face while recruiting the best talent. Employment agencies collect essential information about candidates, such as resumes and work samples, thoroughly assess them, engage and interact with them and build a solid and positive relationship with the potential candidates. 

The HR people can make the recruitment process easy by using an appropriate employment agency and some hiring technologies like Recruiting CRM Software which provides tools such as a resume parser, video interview scheduler, recruitment Chatbots, AI automation, etc.

As we are talking about employment agencies in California, there is a lot of scope for HR personnel to find relevant agencies due to its vast network of successful clients, partnerships and the large pool of qualified candidates all over the US market. 

Moreover, California is the largest state in the US. It is famous for Disneyland, Hollywood and Silicon Valley’s technologies and cultural richness. So, to help employers in California find and hire the most suitable candidates, let’s start exploring the employment agencies in California. 

15 Best Employment Agencies in California, United States

1. Spherion Staffing & Recruiting

Spherion Staffing

Spherion, a staffing and employment pioneer, has provided direct and temporary employment services, including temp-to-hire, on-premise staff management, and outsourced staffing, for over 75 years in many industries in California and other US countries. They also offer the opportunity to set up franchisees with their diverse franchisee community support.

They turn challenges into opportunities by engaging their tools, expertise, and people to get the job done. With the support of the drive and stability of the global leader in HR services, Spherion sets the local working power to help job seekers and employers tackle what’s next for the emerging workforce.

Apply for Spherion Staffing & Recruiting jobs now!

2. Scion Staffing

SCION Staffing

Scion Staffing is an award-winning full-service, direct-hire and temporary employment agency and executive search firm which has provided specialised services to clients with extraordinary talent for hire in California since 2006. They are successfully assisting thousands of local, national and international employers. Scion's employment specialities include Executive, Operations, Finance, HR, Marketing & PR, Director, Administrative, IT, and Nonprofit Program Manager.

Apply for Scion Staffing jobs now!

3. AppleOne


AppleOne Employment Services is a full-service employment agency founded in 1964. Their services are always free to their associates, and they empower you to take full advantage of them. AppleOne has been committed to supporting “Client for Life” relationships with a wide range of employment services which help companies achieve long-term goals. Their experience is designed to serve as a complete employment resource to you no matter where you are in your career. Their mission is to find, understand and fulfil the requirements of another.

Apply for AppleOne jobs now!

4. AtWork Personnel

AtWork Personnel

AtWork Personnel employment agency is a nationally-known and award-winning provider of light-industrial and administrative employment services, including temp-to-hire and direct placements in the US region. Founded in 1986, AtWork has grown to be cited as one of Staffing Industry Analysts’ fastest-growing and largest industrial staffing firms in the United States. They also provide Executive recruitment services specialising in employing management-level professionals across various industries.

Apply for AtWork Personnel jobs now!

5. Star Staffing

Star HR

Star Staffing is a locally women-operated full-service employment agency specialising in temp, temp-to-hire, direct-hire and payroll services all over Northern California since 1998. They provide top talent, unparalleled service, and efficient solutions to hundreds of enterprises across all industries and all sizes. Star Staffing is a 10-time recipient of the Best Places to Work award and a Forbes Best Temporary Staffing Firm award.

Apply for Star Staffing jobs now!

6. JWilliams Staffing

JWilliams Staffing

JWilliamsStaffing is a one-stop employment agency, a full-service industry leader serving trained and carefully selected real estate professionals in Southern California. They help grow the real estate industry by connecting talented individuals with careers in the home building industry, property management industry, and all associated real estate support enterprises. JWilliamsStaffing has worked hard to maintain an exceptional reputation and first-class standard of excellence since 2004.

Apply for JWilliams Staffing jobs now!

7. BOLT Staffing

Bolt Staffing

BOLT is a family-owned and operated employment agency that has served all parts of Northern California since 1998. Their talented team works hard to connect great job-seekers with great companies.BOLT helps to find great workers for light industrial, administrative, accounting, hospitality, and government staffing needs which can be Temporary Staffing, Temp-to-Hire Services, Direct Placement and Payroll Services.

Apply for BOLT Staffing jobs now!

8. Partners Personnel

Partners Personnel

Partners Personnel is a full-service employment agency with 100 nationwide branches dedicated to finding the best talent for clients and building great careers for associates since 2017 in California. They carefully evaluate every candidate’s personality, skill set, and work experience to ensure they find the right fit for each assignment, allowing their clients to focus on running their businesses with the best talent available.

Apply for Partners Personnel jobs now!

9. The Job Shop

Job Shop Staffing

The Job Shop employment agency works with Entry Level to Executive Level candidates and with over 300 clients ranging from small start-ups to international Fortune 500 companies. Their passion has been to get the right person for the right job over the last 23 years. The Job Shop places candidates in Temporary/Contract, Contract to Hire and Direct Hire at diverse enterprises in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Apply for The Job Shop jobs now!

10. Matura Farrington Staffing Services

Matura Farrington Staffing Services

Matura Farrington Employment Agency Services matches employers with employees to build successful work relationships. Since 1994, they have provided direct hire and temporary staffing assistance to businesses throughout California. Matura Farrington's direct hire recruiting and temporary staffing covers a broad spectrum of positions – from administrative support to senior management in the following industries: Legal, Professional, Financial, Real Estate and Fortune 500 Corporations of all sizes.

Apply for Matura Farrington Staffing Services jobs now!

11. Qual Staff Resources

Qual Staff

QualStaff Resources employment agency is an established professional staffing and search firm serving the community since 1998. They specialise in contract-to-hire, contract, direct hire and payroll services for the Hi-Tech industries and Life Sciences in the Southern California region to include a Nationwide scope and presence. QualStaff's Specialties are Accounting, Office Administration, Engineering, IT, Compliance and Production.

Apply for Qual Staff Resources jobs now!

12. Full Steam Staffing

Full Steam Staffing

Full Steam Staffing is a well-established employment agency and Human Resources Solutions provider with an ever-growing presence throughout California, New York and other US regions. They are committed to the ABC of working: Associate Safety and Well-being, Building and Sustaining Relationships and Client Success. Full Steam Staffing's mission is to provide its associates and clients with the highest possible customer service experience and satisfaction.

Apply for Full Steam Staffing jobs now!

13. Proper Solutions Staffing

Proper Solutions Staffing

Proper Solutions employment agency has provided staffing services for businesses in the Palm Springs area of California since 2001. They pride themselves on providing superior service with caring and compassion to those searching for work. Proper Solutions, a woman-owned employment company with knowledge of the local job market and owing American Staffing Association Certified Staffing Professionals, is one of California's top temporary administrative staffing and accounting staffing agencies.

Apply for Proper Solutions Staffing jobs now!

14. VITESSE Recruiting

Vitesse Recruiting

VITESSE Recruiting and Staffing, Inc. is a complete woman and minority-owned business invented in 1999. They work closely with their Client Operations, H.R Executives and Business Owners to understand their needs to surpass their expectations. VITESSE serve a broad range of companies with an international presence, from minor to medium and large enterprises. The majority of their business has come from customers’ referrals.

Apply for VITESSE Recruiting jobs now!

15. Capital Staffing

Capital Staffing

Founded in 2011, Capital Staffing, Inc. delivers employment and personnel services across various skill sets and industries for California's temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire staffing needs. They specialise in staffing qualified personnel in Scientific, Healthcare, Engineering, Accounting and Finance, Operations and Administration, Manufacturing and Logistics with fast and customised fulfilment.

Apply for Capital Staffing jobs now!

Closing Thoughts

We hope the above list of 15 employment agencies in California is informative and useful to locate the top talent that enables you to stay on top of the game in California! Good luck!

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