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How HitContract Elevated Hiring Quality by 38%.

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Top 15 Recruiting Agencies in Israel

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Recruiting agencies in Israel play a crucial role in connecting job seekers with HR people seeking to fill positions. These agencies offer a range of employment solutions, including temporary staffing, direct placement, temp-to-perm arrangements, and managed services. They are a trusted resource for businesses seeking to achieve their recruiting goals quickly and efficiently. 

In Israel, a diverse range of recruiting agencies offer unique services and expertise in different industries. These agencies help job seekers find employment opportunities that match their skills and experience, and they provide businesses with access to a pool of talented and qualified candidates. Job seekers and recruiters of companies can benefit from a streamlined hiring process using recruiting agencies. As per the Statista report of Employment in Israel 2023, “The number of employed people of Israel was forecast to continuously increase between 2022 and 2023 by in total 0.1 million people.” 

As the article is about top recruiting agencies in Israel, Let's explore some amazing things about Israel, located in the Middle East, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. It is the only country with a majority Jewish population, and its capital is Jerusalem. Its official language is Hebrew. Tel Aviv, Israel's financial hub, is known for its Bauhaus architecture and beaches. Some fun facts about Israel are that it is the only country in the world with more trees today than it had 50 years ago, and It is one of the three countries in the world that don't have a constitution.

If you are a small business owner to fill a few key positions or a multinational organisation in need of a comprehensive staffing solution, these top recruiting agencies in Israel can help to drive your business forward.

So, Let’s start exploring Top Recruiting Agencies in Israel.

Top 15 Recruiting Agencies in Israel

1. Jobinfo Israel

JobInfo Israel

Founded in 1999, Jobinfo specialises in sourcing, recruitment and placement for the high-tech Israeli market. Its highly skilled recruitment team connects professional candidates to respective high-tech companies, start-ups and R&D centres in various sectors such as the Internet, Software, Hardware & Communications, Biomed and information systems etc.

As a leading recruitment consulting firm, they provide additional services such as sub-contracting, Head Hunting services for executives, recruitment in the US and Western Europe, salary surveys, outsourcing HR support, and outplacement through the downsizing process.

2. Manpower Israel

Manpower Israel

The ManpowerGroup, which has been operating in Israel since 1968, is wholly owned by the global Manpower Group, the world's leading recruitment service platform, and benefits from its financial strength and comprehensive professional support from all its affiliates around the world. In Israel, Manpower Group offers recruitment, employment, outsourcing and project management services, technology and IT services, translation and nursing services.

Manpower Group Israel has over 40 business units country-wide, from Eilat in the South to Carmiel in the North. The company employs 400 permanent employees and over 50,000 external employees, with the company's 8,000 clients. They work on creating innovative tools and models which will allow you to realise your business goals and improve your competitive power.

3. Experis Israel

Experis Israel

Experis Recruiting Agency, a member of ManpowerGroup, is a global leader in IT professional resourcing and managed services in Israel and 50 countries worldwide. Its client base encompasses 80% of Fortune 500 companies. Experis offers flexible, efficient end-to-end solutions customised according to organisational needs.

Experis provides technological solutions such as cyber security, managed services, software development, QA and automation, IT projects, cloud infrastructure and enterprise applications due to having deep industry knowledge and understanding of customer challenges.

4. CPS JOBS Israel


Since 1982, CPS JOBS recruiting agency has been the first company in Israel to specialise in job placement for the technological market. They help companies to recruit expert and senior employees in the computing, information systems, engineering, Green-tech, Hi-tech, and Executive fields. The company has 14 specialist departments that constantly monitor the job market using professional experience, personal connections, and up-to-date social networking tools. 

With a vast network of business connections, including 3,000+ companies in Israel and worldwide, its senior HR recruiters successfully lead the placement industry and link thousands of employees to their new job.

5. Danel Jobs Israel

Danel Jobs Israel

Danel Jobs recruiting agency is one of the leading Human Resources companies in Israel, providing a wide range of employment and welfare solutions to its customers for 35 years. The company has been publicly traded on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1992.

Danel Jobs currently has 44 outlets throughout Israel, with ISO 9001:2008 certification. They offer recruiting services in various industries such as Healthcare, Architecture, Insurance, Logistics and Supply Chain, administration and much more.

6. JobHunt Israel

JobHunt Israel

JobHunt recruiting agency people are passionate about helping job-seekers by providing all the tools and networks necessary to support job-seekers in simplifying the job search process end-to-end, optimising efficiency, and saving time and money within the hiring process in Israel. 

7. Guberman Israel

Guberman Israel

Established in 1997, The Guberman Group is a Full-Service Multidisciplinary provider of accounting and financial management services in Israel, located in Tel-Aviv. Guberman Group operates with several divisions, including the accounting firm, Guberman Stefan, Guberman Consulting Ltd and Guberman Human Resources.

Ranked among Israel's Top Four Outsource-Accounting firms, the Group's 85 staff members provide exceptional services such as outsourced accounting services, financial management, payroll and bookkeeping, outsourced part-time CFO services, Administration services, Human Resources services, Seed Programs for start-ups and Strategy services.

8. Unit Group Israel

UNIT Group Israel

Unit Group is a global IT out-staffing and recruiting agency with hundreds of highly experienced IT professionals and software engineers from 15 countries. Since 2019, Unit Group has invested in early-stage Israeli startups via the Surround Ventures investment fund in Bnei Brak, Israel.

For many years they’ve been the vendor of choice for 100+ tech startups and enterprises worldwide, offering a comprehensive set of services and resources that support rapid time to deliver, high productivity, performance and availability.

9. LEAP Israel

LEAP Israel

LEAP is a unique recruiting agency in Rehovot, Israel, specialising in English and foreign language speakers for 10+ years. They focus on positions that require languages, mainly in sales, marketing, writing, customer care, administration and other industries. Its clients are hungry, talented job seekers and exciting international companies seeking to hire people who "speak their language."​ 

10. Andromeda Israel

Andromeda Israel

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, Andromeda recruiting agency puts its vast global network in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space in your space to find the ideal candidate or the dream job. They specialise in recruiting highly skilled technical workers with or without blockchain experience and generally qualified crypto veterans. Its primary focus is on employees who are passionate about the future and possibilities of cryptocurrency.

11. Hunter Israel

Hunter Israel

Hunter (Kestria), Located in Herzliya Pituach, Israel, is a premium executive and talent search firm working extensively in Israel and internationally for 10+ years. With its unique people-centric approach, they partner with clients and candidates to help businesses grow. Hunter adds value to the candidates, accompanying them throughout the recruitment process with complete transparency, fairness, and professionalism.

Their areas of recruiting expertise are Advertising and Marketing, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Professional Services, Private Enterprises, Nonprofit Organizations and many more.

12. Outsourcing to Israel

Outsourcing to Israel

Outsourcing to Israel has helped US companies hire top native English-speaking talent at a lower cost while helping to ensure quality, stability and professionalism in Israel, including Software Developers, IT Support, Digital Marketers, Admin and other professionals, since 2013.

OTI provides full-time, part-time or project-based work requirements recruiting services from Sourcing, interviewing and pre-screening suitable candidates to providing round-the-clock support and management to employees and employers.

13. Project Pro Group Israel

Project Pro Group Israel

Project Pro Global recruiting agency, Located in Ashdod, Israel, was founded in 2013 by Itamar Ben Shoshan as a recruitment, outsourcing and placement company to resolve the recruiting complexity of the construction, energy and infrastructure industries. They specialise in local recruitment solutions for standard and large-scale projects in the construction industry. Project Pro offers comprehensive outsourced services intended to save the client time, resources, and expenses throughout the various stages of the project.

14. iTalent Israel

iTalent Israel

iTalent, established in 2010 and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has quickly grown and become a leading provider of sourcing and recruitment services in the Tech industry with the motto "we grow together". Their approach is proactive, and they use social media and AI tools to bring aboard those highly qualified candidates.

At iTalent, they apply a unique in-house developed methodology, which combines the best usage of innovative sourcing solutions, tailoring the precise profile according to client-specific requirements. 

15. HRSearch Israel

HRSearch Israel

HRSearch is an executive search agency specialising in the Accounting, Finance and Hospitality business in Herzliya, Israel, since 2004 and in Italy since 2015. The areas of expertise for quality recruitment services for managers and professionals are tourism, hotel and leisure, and medical business. In 2015, the company's first branch opened outside of Israel - in Italy. 95% of their placed candidates during the current year are still employed or promoted by clients.


Above, we have listed the top hiring and recruiting agencies in Isreal for your convenience that provides the best staffing experience to the Hiring managers, recruiters and HR people. But which is the right recruitment agency depends on your needs and budget. 

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