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How HitContract Elevated Hiring Quality by 38%.

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Top 15 Recruiting Agencies in Nordic Countries

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In today's competitive market, finding and hiring the ideal candidate is extremely difficult. For this reason, many companies use recruitment agencies to help them find the perfect candidate for the open positions. A recruitment agency is a company that bridges the gap between the candidate and the company. With the help of recruiting agencies hiring process becomes easy and effective.

The Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are attractive places to work for many because they are known for their good working conditions, high salaries and work-life balance. There is nothing to argue about technological progress in the Nordic region. Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland occupied four out of five places in the latest edition of the Digital Evolution Index. And it's not just thanks to billionaire companies like Spotify. Small businesses across industries are also investing in new technologies and developing web and mobile apps to grow their customer base. Nowadays due to cut throat competitive market, even small businesses are investing in recruitment technology to hire top quality candidates. 

To increase the chances of getting a job faster, more conveniently and relatively cheaply, we recommend hiring a recruitment agency. If you want to work in the Nordic region, go through the top recruiting agencies in nordic countries given below.

Top 15 Recruiting Agencies in Nordic Countries

1. Swapp Agency

Swapp agency

Swapp Agency is a recruiting agency that offers a variety of services. Swapp agencies hire remote workers on behalf of employers in countries where they do not have offices. They are a team of dedicated individuals dedicated to empowering clients to achieve their goals. They are a company that acts as a bridge between Iceland and the world when it comes to recruitment. In 2018 they saw a gap in the market and an opportunity for agents to enter Iceland and support foreign companies in need of assistance.

Apply for Swapp Agency jobs now!

2. Stanton Chase

Stanton Chase

StantonChase is an executive search recruiting firm that integrates a global footprint. They can find perfect leaders for your Executive Board of Directors, CEO, President, C-Suite, Vice President, or across functional areas by listening, analysing, and understanding their client's strategy and culture, always with an eye on diversity. They help clients identify the greatest personnel, create winning teams, and increase shareholder value as a leading executive search employment firm.

Apply for Stanton Chase jobs now!

3. Manpower


Manpower recruiting agency is a leading provider of staffing solutions nationally and globally in temporary and permanent staffing solutions. They provide the sharpness businesses need with a suite of staffing solutions. By leveraging trusted brands, they have built a deeper talent pool, giving their clients faster access to the talent they need. They find the perfect job for you as specialists in the changing labour market. 

Apply for Manpower jobs now!

4. Eezy


Eezy is a Finnish company providing staff leasing, recruitment, coaching, employment, business development and entrepreneurial services. Eezy's business provides two service divisions. Work and Talent business unit and Growth and Renewal business unit. The Work and Skills division provides talent leasing and recruitment to customers and employees. Eezy provides staffing services through both its units and franchises. Recruitment services include direct search, aptitude assessment, and relocation services.

Apply for Eezy jobs now!

5. aTalent


aTalent is a high-growth recruiting agency founded in 2004 and owned by ProDeco, ProDeco Alumni, and Business Graduates from Aalto University, Kentucky. They are your best partner if you are looking for financial, engineering and technology professionals. With them, you can get in touch with young professionals and those with many years of experience.

Apply for aTalent jobs now!

6. Adecco


Addeco, the recruiting agency, has entered the Finnish labour market. They work with international and local companies – their clients are a wide range of Finnish and international companies, giving employees access to various interesting job opportunities. Addeco operates nationwide from South to North. They understand different regions' needs and opportunities in the Finnish labour market. Their goal is to enable their clients to achieve the skills they need, and at the same time, they can offer future jobs to everyone.

Apply for Adecco jobs now!

7. Saljpoolen


Säljpoolen has been one of the country's leading recruiting agencies, recruiting sales and marketing executives and professionals since 1995. Each year, they help more than 250 companies find more than 700 jobs all over Sweden. Their business concept is to become a natural partner for companies in recruiting executives and employees through efficient search channels, quality service and professional employees.

Apply for Saljpoolen jobs now! 

8. Temp-team


TEMP-TEAM is part of the JuhlerGroup, an international group of recruiting agencies with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom. They are a full-service provider of recruitment and staffing services. They support their clients with permanent employment and short-term or long-term leasing of workers.

Apply for Temp-team jobs now!

9. Accur Recruiting Services

Accur Recruiting Services

Accur Recruiting Service is a recruiting firm that provides a global network of specialists to find the perfect candidate. Securing the right leadership team can sometimes require hard-to-find candidates. You can use their proven search and evaluation process to provide the strategic framework for attaining the highest leadership positions. Their services include expert searches, executive searches, board searches, and temporary hiring.

Apply for Accur Recruiting Services jobs now!

10. Hagvangur


Hagvangur, founded in 1971, is one of the oldest recruiting consulting firms in the country. The company has systematically expanded its field of activity and today covers most areas of human resource management with its consulting services. Hagvangur is an excellent choice for job seekers as it specialises in professional recruitment. With such a great hiring experience, they can get your dream job fast.

Apply for Hagvangur jobs now!

11. Hammer & Hanborg

Hammer & Hanborg

Hammer Hanborg, in the field of recruitment and staffing, help organisations to provide qualified employees and increase their competitiveness and attractiveness today and in the future. They operate a business and process a variety of personal data. They process personal data in connection with recruitment processes, consulting services, and other related services.

Apply for Hammer & Hanborg jobs now!

12. Medicolink


Medicolink is a medical recruiting agency that has prepared candidates and their families for new professional careers and life in Scandinavia since 2007. Their full range of services includes recruitment, language training and integration. This method involves employers and candidates before, during and after employment.

Apply for Medicolink jobs now!

13. Incluso


Incluso specialises in recruitment and staffing services for companies that understand the value of a diverse workforce. In all their assignments, they also conduct extensive research and procurement to provide candidates who best meet the employer's needs. All engagements are thoroughly researched, ensuring the best candidate for each role. In addition, they deliver excellence in strategic diversity work and diversity workshops.

Apply for Incluso jobs now!

14. Intellecta


Intellecta recruiting agency was founded in 2000. Intellecta is an independent knowledge company that operates in three main areas: Business consulting, recruitment, and research. They have a strong professional background and extensive international experience.

Apply for Intellecta jobs now!

15. Hudson Nordic

Hudson Nordic

Hudson Nordic is an experienced recruiting firm providing advice and assistance on search, selection and HR solutions. They have been active in Scandinavia for over 20 years and now have a team of 30 dedicated and experienced consultants in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They have deep insight and understanding of client demands, and strategic challenges and our specialists are experienced to advise you and your business in the best possible way. At Hudson Nordic, they cover a wide range of sectors, industries and roles. They always assemble a team that meets your wishes and needs.

Apply for Hudson Nordic jobs now!


The number one reason to hire a recruiting agency is the availability of key positions in running your business. Recruitment agencies provide quality candidates in less time than in-house HR departments. In short, choosing the right recruiting agency will help you recruit and retain the right people faster and cheaper!

Happy Recruiting!

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