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author Written by Amit Ghodasara November 26, 2018

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As a hiring manager, you want to bring the best talents to your company. Attracting competent and professional candidates is the first step in your hiring process and this requires a lot of carefulness. From the way you write your job description, the qualifications you want and the kind of experience that you would like every employee to possess. 

Many times hiring managers miss a step and they end up hiring the wrong candidates. This is why the Candidate Tracking Software also called Applicant Tracking System (ATS) was brought in to make sure hiring managers bring forth effective steps that will lead to the hiring of the most competent and professional staff members of a company. 

Helps in Writing Proper Job Descriptions and Requirements 

At times roles are really confusing and even the way people grade employe real matters. If you don't want such confusions, it is important to make sure you use the candidate tracking software. Candidate tracking software will help you to outline all your job requirements from skills to academic qualifications so that applicants can easily look at your job requirements and know whether they qualify or not. Also through formatting options, you can very well highlight the important aspect of the job description.

Aids in Perfect Evaluation of Applications

You may receive thousands of applications to the extent that you don't know how to do evaluate and shortlist candidates for interviews. The candidate tracking software can perfect scrutinise your applications by matching job description with the candidate profile and come up with the best candidates. All these matching stuff happens in a second so lots of time of pre-screening can be saved to a great extent. Also, all applications will be perfectly organised to ensure you don't do any kind of mistake on your hiring and shortlisting process. 

The Software Helps in Posting Your Job Posts to Right Platforms 

Posting your jobs in the right platforms can lead to you getting wonderful candidates. The candidate tracking software is meant to enable you to have a perfect exposure so that a lot of qualified candidates can see your posts. You will have a lot of competent people to choose from which means you will not need to compromise your requirements and go for less qualified ones. Let your company be filled with reliable by installing and utilising this software. 

Multi-Operating System Compatibility

We give you the diversity to apply our software on any of your devices and reach your candidates. You can use Windows, iOS, and Android so that you don't get limited to what kind of device you should use. This means you can post jobs even using your mobile phone and reach as many candidates as you want. 

Search for Candidates Using Keywords

At times you don't want to use job posts and display your openings to the public but you need wonderful candidates to interview from your own talent pool. Worry not because you can simply use your software and search for the skills you want. You will get the best candidates and you will just need to invite for interviews and hire to your company. You can even track people CVs and job history so that you know whether the candidate is fit for your role or not. This is the best way to ensure you don't make a mistake when hiring candidates. 

Candidate Tracking

Overall the recruitment process spans in multiple stages like pre-screening, shortlisting, interview, negotiation, offer etc. With the help of Candidate Tracking Software, you can configure your process workflow and manage each and every candidate’s process workflow through the system.

Perfect Interviewing Tools

It is important to know the kind of questions to ask from a candidate because at times an applicant might be theoretical qualified but not practical qualified. With the software, you can schedule a video interview, written interviews or questionnaire so that you increase the quality of your job hiring process. The end result is that you will have a perfect match of the candidate you are really looking for. 

Candidate Self Service

If you want to deliver the best experience to your candidate, this is one of the most important tools. You can allow your candidate to do the self-registration through the system. After registration they can search for matching jobs, track submitted an application and much more stuff on their own. 

Perfect Analytics

You always want the best kind of analysis when it comes to candidate scrutinisation. The software comes with wonderful tools that can collect, organise and retrieve all your applications from your best candidates. All documents will be organised perfectly by the software so that you know how to approach the piles of applications. 

To conclude, candidate tracking software is always the best for you if you want a smooth but effective hiring process. Always make sure you do the best kind of job posting and description so that you attractive perfect candidates. You can also enjoy the best referrals and recommendations from people so that you be sure of the person that you are hiring in your company. It is from the top and efficient talented employees that you can make your company grow at all times. 

The Candidate Tracking Software System You've Been Waiting For

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