Extensive Customization

Almost everything in iSmartRecruit can be personalized to meet all your business needs. iSmartRecruit can be easily adapted to match your recruitment work flow. You can customize multiple forms, roles, fields, statuses and keep track on every process of your hiring.

extensive customization

Work flow Customization

  • Customize candidate, job, lead work flow as per your business needs.
  • Create custom status to track every step of your hiring process.
  • Configure different colors to statuses for better readability and tracking.
  • Give role wise privileges to candidate statuses based on their importance.
  • Set and send automatic push notification or email to keep you posted on status and data updates.
candidate status
customize candidate form

Form Customization

  • Add various fields in form like Text Box, Text Area, Combo Box etc. based on your business requirement. Also delete unwanted fields.
  • Organize order of fields by relevance.
  • Enable or disable mandatory validation on the fields.
  • You never miss a single information to capture as fields can be customized based on your need.

General Customization

  • Create custom role based on your organization hierarchy
  • Create detailed role wise access and right configuration including menus, buttons and actions.
  • Change application look and feel by selecting different theme.
  • Customize all your combo box values like salary type, payment type, note type etc.
  • Create your own personalized view by setting up application background, logo, language, time zone, date and time format.
  • Activate a verification stage before adding resume to secure resume data bank.
system configuration

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