Complete Candidate Management System

Almost every detail about candidates can be captured and stored in iSmartRecruit Candidate Management System (CMS). Also, lots of automation can be done of the regular activities and which keeps you ahead of the competition.

Candidate Management System
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The detailed information can be well structured and organised by the Candidate Management System

  • Rating a candidate
  • Social profiling with Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, website
  • Maintaining history where you can see all the activities of the candidate
  • Adding unlimited notes for updates
  • Record conversation history and set up call reminder
  • Individual and bulk SMS and mass Emails
  • Schedule interview, track it, and record feedback.
  • Mark CV as Ready CV if the candidate is very positive to change the job
  • Block fake or unwanted candidate profile
  • Source tracking of the candidate to know where candidates are coming from candidate list

Talent Pool - Segment your candidate database

It helps you to divide your candidate database into multiple groups. Grouping could be based on skills, location, job title, experience, etc.

For instance, you want to divide your candidate database on the domain like banking & finance, manufacturing, oil & gas, IT etc. you can very well create different talent pool into the system.

Whenever you get any job on that particular industry, you can perform candidate search on that particular talent pool only. You can get more refined result instead of searching in the complete candidate database.

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Activity Stream of your candidates

Activity Stream of your candidates

Activity Stream is used for tracking back activities done upon a candidate after importing a candidate in the candidate management system. This activity stream will contain the following;

  • System Log will help you to see all the activities done in one place.
  • Email tab will preserve all the email communication history.
  • Task, Notes, SMS Communication and Call Reminders.