Quick Access

Quick Access is the best and swift way to search information very quickly without navigating through menus and pages. With quick panel and quick import, one can manage and import resume with a single click. Hot keys & Icon Bar offers quick menu access.

quick access

Quick Panel

The following are the key information that can be accessed swiftly through quick panel access.

  • Drag & Drop import resume
  • Assign resume to the Open Job
  • Search Job
  • Search Candidate
  • Search Prospect
  • Search Client
  • Search Contact

quick job search
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Quick Import

Quick import is the easiest way to import resume without navigating through pages.

In the right panel, you can see a drop here label where you just need to drag and drop your resume file. The System automatically parse the resume and import into the system.

If you want to assign a resume to the open job, you can select the jobs from the combo box before dropping resume.

Hot keys & Icon Bar

Through keyboard shortcut, you can access and perform various menu actions. Also, the left icon bar has all the key menu options which you use frequently.

hot keys