Recruitment Automation

The recruitment automation is one of the most important aspects of recruiting today. There are various day to day operations you can automate and save your time and efforts to a great extent for sure. Some advanced recruitment automation features equipped with Artificial Intelligence algorithms which eventually deliver great value to your business.

Application screening

This is one of the most important automation aspects due to the following reasons.

  • Manually screening of application is a time-consuming task.
  • Generally, more than 70% of resumes are considered unqualified.
  • Manually screening is a tedious job and recruiter may not screen very accurately.
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Search for Matching Jobs

When you import any candidate and if you wish to see the matching jobs of such candidate, the system is going to suggest you the best matching candidate by comparing various criteria like skills, location, experience etc.

It is specifically very useful when you want to place a particular candidate for any job.

Outdated Resume Update

Generally, it is a big challenge to update outdated candidate resumes. The recruiters don't find much time to update outdated candidate profiles on a regular basis. To address this challenge, the system automatically detects the outdated resumes and send them an email with a hyperlink. Candidate can update the profile information using the hyperlink available in the email.

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Invite Matching Candidate

When the recruiter creates any job in the system, the system is going to suggest the best matching candidate using AI technology. With an automation option, a recruiter can send an email invitation about this job opening to all matching candidates in one go. It saves lots of time of recruiter to screen candidates manually and communicate with them.

Projected Experience

If we see the experience value of resume which we imported 5 years back remains the same if you see it today. In reality, the experience value got increased today by 5 years as 5 years already passed after import of resume.

To overcome this challenge, the system calculates the projected experience which is more realistic than actual experience value. The projected experience will grow on each year so it will be more realistic. For example, you imported a resume 5 years back and the experience of the candidate was 7 years at that point in time. If you see the experience value of the same candidate today, it will be still 7 years while the projected experience value will be 12 years which is more realistic. Project experience value helps you to filter candidates more accurately.

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Promote Jobs

Social media and job boards have been playing a vital role in sourcing today. You can promote your jobs and vacancies on your social media account and leading job boards with just a click.

You can automate the promotion instead of doing it manually.

Website Career Page integration

Your careers page is a reflection of what makes your company. You can start promoting jobs on your website career page and also start getting a fresh application directly into the system. Due to this automation feature, there is no need to update website and import applications manually into the system.

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Team Collaboration & Access

There are various team collaboration and access options available in the system which automate the communication part. Here are some key points about the same.

  • Notify the manager if the recruiter changes the status of any candidate.
  • Notify the recruiter if any candidate applies for the job.
  • Allow the interviewer to access the interview information and allow to post the feedback.
  • Automated emails to the hiring manager, candidate and client from the system.
  • Allow the client to see the candidates submitted to different jobs.