Team work & Collaboration

iSmartRecruit adapt to match your workflow allocation and share information swiftly to meet required collaboration purposes.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Work Allocation

  • Especially for large enterprises where team do work on various openings. There is a need for authorisation wherein an individual user can see and work on jobs which are allocated to him only.
  • At the time of creating a job, you can select the team member (recruiter & manager) who are going to deliver it. Recruiter and manager can see only jobs which are allocated to them.
  • Send automated notification to recruiter and managers who allocated to the newly created job.
  • System tracks recruiter name who adds and manages the candidates in the pipeline.

assign recruiter

candidate note


  • User can use notes, tasks, notifications, scheduled events and emails for the collaboration purpose.
  • Screens are designed in such a way that you can share information very quickly with the team and all can remain on the same page.
  • Even if, one recruiter is not available other can take forward the work very easily.
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