How do I set up iSmartRecruit for GDPR compliance?

How do I set up iSmartRecruit for GDPR compliance?

GDPR compliance

Note:The following features will be rolled out gradually before May 25th to all accounts.

Note: This blog helps the user to make his/her candidate GDPR compliant. In this article we will be making you aware about the different GDPR policies and how we can make our system compliant with Global Data Protection Act.

About GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a major regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. The GDPR aims primarily to give control back to citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.

Terms in GDPR

The following are the key terms used in GDPR.

1.Data subjects
It would mean candidate information in general. And "personal data" would be any information that can be used to identify the data subject. This includes candidate resume, name, email, contact number, address etc.

It decides the purpose of processing personal data like for which job personal data will be used and the means to do that. Controllers could be direct employers or staffing agencies.

It would be recruiting software or ATS or any legal entity that process personal data on behalf of a controller.

It would mean any activity executed on personal data, such as store information, update information, delete information.

Changes iSmartRecruit is initiating for making it GDPR compliant

We are implementing changes throughout the system to ensure customer that iSmartRecruit is fully ready to tackle any changes that needs to be made to make it GDPR compliant.

Our team are actively working in building the policies and services to make iSmartRecruit GDPR friendly. We are reviewing our data, and prioritizing any changes that need to be made in advance of the GDPR before GDPR comes into act.

Here are some of the ways iSmartRecruit is making its customer GDPR ready

System Configuration - GDRP Compliance Setting
In the system configuration screen of iSmartRecruit, there will be an option to enable the GDPR Compliance. Once you enable this option, system will take care of necessary information and actions which are necessary for GDPR Compliance like candidate consent, candidate rights etc.

System Configuration - iSmartRecruit

In the same configuration administrator can configure the default consent validity period also. Once the consent is provided by candidate, system will calculate the consent expiry date based on consent validity period.

configuration administrator - iSmartRecruit

Applicant - Terms & Conditions
Recruitment agency or direct employer can frame the terms & conditions and configure that in the system configuration. Whenever any applicant submit the profile, applicant has to accept the terms and conditions. We advice to include all necessary clauses in terms & conditions to safeguard your interest with respect to GDPR. You can also include terms about consent from the applicant to use his/her personal data for the necessary purpose and consent last for.

Here is the configuration screen:

Terms & Conditions configuration- iSmartRecruit

Applicant can see the terms & conditions in following way:

Terms & Conditions Applicant - iSmartRecruit

We will add a report to identify following.
    - Candidates for which consent already expired
    - Candidates for which consent is about to expire

This report helps user to identify the candidates who are eligible for consent renewal and user can directly send mass email to them to renew the consent.

Additional attributes of Candidate Information
System is going to capture following additional information with respect to candidate.

    - Consent issued date

Candidate Information - iSmartRecruit

    - Consent expiry date

Candidate additional Information - iSmartRecruit

Candidate Consent Status
System will display consent status of candidate in Candidate Search screen. The status could have one of following value.

    - Consent Expired

Candidate Consent Status Expired - iSmartRecruit

    - Consent Issued

Candidate Consent Status Issued - iSmartRecruit

    - Consent Requested

Candidate Consent Status Requested - iSmartRecruit

Our goal is to ensure that consent information is visible to team members when they're interacting with candidates, so they can avoid non-compliant actions, like reaching out to a candidate who did not give consent to be contacted.

Candidate Search
There will be additional criteria in the system to filter candidates which are with consent and without/expired consent. User can do necessary mass emailing to candidates whose consent has been expired or not taken.

Candidate Search without/expired consent - iSmartRecruit

Candidate Information
When you open a dialog to view the candidate information, system is going to show the status of consent.

Candidate Information status-  iSmartRecruit

Record Audit Trail Information
When candidate approve the consent request, system is going to store the IP address, browser, country etc. of candidate as audit trail information. This information will not be displayed anywhere in the system but it will be available on request to support.

Record Audit Trail Information -  iSmartRecruit

Candidate Access
You can provide access of system to candidate and allow candidate to execute following rights which are provided under GDPR.
    - Right to be forgotten
    - Right to change the information
    - Right of access
    - Right to move data

Candidate Access - iSmartRecruit

Additionally, we will provide interface to give consent to use the personal data. Once the consent is provided, system will record this action and setup consent expiry date as well.

Dashboard Widget
We will add a new widget in dashboard which gives you overall summary of candidate consent status. The widget will have following information.
    - Total Candidates with Consent
    - Total Candidates with Expired Consent
    - Total Candidates without Consent
    - Total Candidates with Pending Consent

Dashboard Widget - iSmartRecruit

iSmartRecruit Terms & Privacy Policy
We will update our terms of use and privacy policy to fully comply with the GDPR terms.

If you have any question or query regarding the content you can email to us at . We would be happy to help and our suggestions are more than welcome.

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Author: Daniel Mccartney | 9th, April 2018

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