How To Use Social Recruiting Tools Effectively To Generate Leads?

author Written by October 12, 2018

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Recruiting candidates manually is an old fashion and boring process. In the era of 2k18, we need to focus on recruiting via social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (We can use Youtube too).

The Recruiters always check the background of the candidate. How he was at his last job and how much he is social. Nowadays it is very easy to find out the original personality of a candidate from their social media accounts.

As a recruiter, you always need to find qualified and talented candidates who have multi - skills with dedicating mindset. Via Social Platforms recruiters can find a wide range of talents at the same platform.

Social Recruiting tools helps recruiters to understand what candidates want nowadays and how to get a better candidate within your criteria. The most likely benefit of Social Recruiting is to get a large number of skills at the same platform using only social skills.

In Social Recruiting, it is also important to have the right connections in use at the right time. Today, LinkedIn is the largest social platform used by professional recruiters to find out the next star candidate.

As per research, Recruiters use LinkedIn as a first place in Social Media to find out the right candidate with 97%. Facebook comes in second place with 51%. Recruiters use 48% twitter profiles as a reference. Except for these large platforms, recruiters use Google+ (20%) and Pinterest (4%) too.

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Another great benefit of using social recruiting method is that It is Free of Cost and you can share your content with the largest number of people with only one touch. Social platforms give you open space to freely connect with everyone and open up about your requirements. Candidates can also discuss their needs and convenience.

Recruiters using Social Recruiting have a bright future in order to get the best candidates. Therefore the recruiters have started using social recruiting tools and systems.

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iSmartRecruit gives you the best of all social recruiting tools. Using iSmartRecruit recruiters can post their job on different social media platforms using only one interface.

It gives you multiple platform integration like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can promote your job on social media as well as other Job Boards too.

iSmartRecruit gives you the following facilities in Social Recruiting Feature.

  • Multiple Account Configuration.
  • Promote Jobs from the single interface to multiple channels and accounts including company pages.
  • Show full details of Job to the Job Seekers.
  • Automatic redirection of an Application to iSmartRecruit.

The Social Recruiting Tool You've Been Waiting For

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