The Anatomy of Candidate Experience That Gets Best Future Employees

author Written by Amit Ghodasara February 25, 2019

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Candidate Experience is one of the most important aspects of recruitment whether you work as an agency recruiter or corporate recruiter. It is very closely attached to the Employer branding and goodwill of the organization.

The best reason for it is that now employees, both current, and prospective are well connected and informed. Moreover, social media has brought about enormous changes in the environment.

The biggest advantage of using Candidate Self Service Portal is that you can get with the current flow and mindset of candidates. These days, candidates are becoming aware of the process and the advantages they should have.

The demand is to create an emotional connect and treating the employees more respectfully. So the steps can be either preventive or curative in nature. Preventive steps will ensure that you give good experience and treat recruitment drive as a sales process by giving the best care to the customers. The remedial steps will involve a Branding team and PR machinery to help the brand to sustain. So the whole process of candidate experience can be tackled at five basic levels which are shown below in the order of their flow.
1: External Touch Points  
2: Career Site Experience  
3: Application Processing Steps  
4: Interview and Hiring  
5: Onboarding Process

We know that in the past the candidates were not able to update their information after submitting the application so, you can now provide such functionality to the candidates using self-service portal so that they can quickly update their information which results in saving time and efforts as well.

What a candidate can do with the self-service portal?

Self Registration
Candidate Self Service Portal defines the functionality by its name. By using Candidate Self Service Portal, your candidates can do the self-registration. They can have their own credentials and get access to the portal. You can attract maximum candidates to do the self-registration and those candidate records will be automatically imported in the recruiting or ATS software. In a way, your recruiting software remains well aligned to your self-service portal.

Profile update
Through this stage, Candidate can update their profiles and upload their latest resumes when they want. This will help recruiters also in a matter of time. This will also reduce some dependency on recruiter’s side. It is always a tedious job for the recruiter to update the old resumes the system.

Search for matching jobs
If a candidate is offered for searching the matching jobs on their own, it will be more beneficial for everyone. The Candidate Self Service Portal will allow your candidates to search and apply for the job they want. This also helps you in building repo with your candidates.

Application status
The crucial pain area of any recruiting process for a candidate is the current status of their applications after applying for any job. Through Candidate Self Service Portal, your candidate will be able to see the current status of their application as the application runs ahead. If the application got rejected, the applicant still got to know the rejection status.

Interview Information
This is one of the tasks for recruiters to be done very precisely. It happens some times while scheduling for an interview, candidate forgot the details or they could miss the interview. Self Service portal will show the interview details to the candidates too. This helps you in the rescheduling of the interview also.

GDPR Update
If a candidate belongs to Europian region, they will have the default consent period for recruiters. Your candidate can update the consent period and remove the consent also. This will be the least time consuming and effortless process at the end.

Automated Email
As a candidate, you are willing to have notification via mail on each and every step during the recruiting process. Candidate Self Service Portal has the automation that anytime candidate get any update of their application status or get the interview scheduled, he will get automated mail about the details updates.

Matching jobs
This is also a function of automation. This will notify your candidate when any matching job appears in the system. The candidate can view all the matching jobs that are currently matching with his skills and past submissions.

The candidate will have transparency throughout their hiring. It will give your candidate a great experience and satisfaction. This will help in boosting your hiring efficiency and building self-confidence too.

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