Recruitment Guru Episode 2: Corporate Employer Branding & Candidate Experience

Ep-2: Corporate Branding & Candidate Experience

Best Recruiting CRM Software for Recruitment & Staffing Agencies

Take care of all your relationships with the best online recruiting CRM software for small recruitment businesses and agencies.

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recruiting crm software

2950 + Clients

9850 + Users

98950 + Jobs Filled

3 + Countries

2950 + Clients

9850 + Users

98950 + Jobs Filled

3 + Countries

What is a Recruiting CRM Software?

Relationship management is one of the key aspects of the recruitment and hiring process. It is executed by recruitment agencies, staffing agencies and HR teams. Recruiters and hiring managers deal with various stakeholders during the recruitment process.

Best Recruiting CRM Software can be used to engage people by employing timely and relevant emails that nurture them.

A recruiting CRM software is a kind of recruiting software that recruiters use to manage key stakeholders:

  1. Clients for whom they are doing the hiring
  2. Candidates who could be the right fit for your open positions
  3. Leads who could be converted to clients
  4. Vendors who help fill critical positions
  5. Colleagues who work with you on a team

30 minutes to explore the software.


Client Relationship Management

Allow your clients to review, shortlist and reject submitted candidates, sending messages to the recruiters.

Deeper Insights & Compliance

Dashboard widgets, reports and analytics empower confident decision making with data-driven stories, in just a few clicks.

Leads Management

Send automated and personalised emails for stellar lead engagement. Track them through your sales workflow and get access to the full history of your communication.

Vendor Management

Allow your vendors to work with your Recruiting CRM system and centralise all your data. Notify vendors about new jobs, allow them to submit candidates and track them.

Two-way Email & SMS Sync

Two-way sync automatically records all the messages you send and receive. Your team can always find the latest candidate communication in the Recruiting CRM software, so they won't have to ask around to figure out what's going on.

Calendar Integration

Connect your Outlook and Gmail calendar with our Recruiting CRM system and start automatically synchronising interviews with your calendar.

Mass Emails with Analytics

Market your brand and nurture your relationships with mass email campaigns. Have a look at detailed analytics to review delivery rate and open rate, plus, optimise your campaigns for the future.

Candidate Relationship Management

Create talent pools with recruitment marketing, and nurture talent with timely follow-ups. Also, allow candidates to access complete information with a customisable candidate self-service portal.

Chrome Extension

Install the Chrome extension and start fetching your candidate, client, lead contacts from LinkedIn in just one click.

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Why use Best Online Recruiting CRM Software for your Recruitment Agency?

For recruiting agencies, staffing agencies and HR teams, it’s extremely important to build effective relations with clients, candidates and vendors who work with them. When you use the best Recruiting CRM software on the market, you can:

  • Streamline all your business processes related to recruitment and sales. Your stakeholders will love your efficiency and see that you have some of the best relationship management in your industry.
  • Achieve timely, relevant and personalised communication with all the stakeholders in your business.
  • Make business decisions based on real-time analytics and reporting.
  • Save your team time and energy by automating manual tasks.
  • Allow your clients, candidates and vendors to work with your Recruitment CRM software and provide them updates in real-time.
  • Improve sales and recruiter productivity with a CRM that drives growth.
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