Release 23.4.5
Released On 15th October 2022

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With this release, we introduce more unique features that would help users to make the best use of the system to efficiently manage their Recruitment Workflow.

Please review the below points to know more about the enhancements we roll out in this release.  

Job approval workflow

Every organization has a different Hierarchical Structure to follow across its departments when it comes to the approval of a new job requisition. This Job Approval Workflow would assist you in managing this Hierarchy in the system. If you follow a multi-level approval process, you can make use of this feature to simplify your Job approvals.

You can enable this feature from your System Configuration, under the Admin section.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Admin (from left-hand side vertical bar) → Global Setting → System Configuration → Job Approval Workflow (from the vertical list) → Turn the flag ON (Green) → Update → Re-login into the system to implement the change

Create the Approval Workflow in the Job Details while creating a New Job

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Add Job (from the plus icon) → Fill in Job Details as per Job requirements → Add details of First Level Approver in Job Approval Workflow → Add Approvers if multi-level approvers required → Save

Approve Requested Job

The approver mentioned in the details will receive emails to submit their approval for the Job, as per their hierarchy. The Job will be under the status of “Pending Approval”, till it receives confirmation from the mentioned Approvers.

Track Job Approval in iSmartRecruit

The user who created the Job would also receive continuous email notifications as the Job moves through each Approval Stage.

The Jobs which are under Pending Approval would only be visible to the Admin user and the user who created the Job. In case the Approver is a user in the system they can Approve Jobs from within their iSmartRecruit account. They will see an option to approve on their Job Screen.

Once the job is Approved. The Job Status will change to Active.

Allot team members to a job - relocated

While creating a new job in the system, the section to allot team members to the job, is now at the end of the Job form.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   + icon on the top bar → Add Job → Scroll down to the bottom of the page → Team → Assign Manager & Assign Recruiter

Schedule an interview with Microsoft teams

You can now integrate your Microsoft Teams account with iSmartRecruit to use them while scheduling Interviews with the Candidates and generate the Meeting links, without leaving the system.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Personal Settings → Connect Tab → Online Meeting Connect

Under Personal Settings, inside the Connect tab, you will find an option to choose this platform for integration.

Simply click on the symbol and it will navigate you towards login into your Microsoft Teams account. On successful login, Microsoft Teams will be integrated with the system.

You can also choose to connect and integrate with Microsoft Teams while scheduling the Interview. In the Interview Scheduling Dialogue Box, there will be a suggestive button which will redirect you to the connect tab for integration.

Once you add all details of the Interview and click on the “Scheduled Interview” button, the system will create the meeting link and add all the attendees, interviewers, and guests as participants. They all will receive the interview invite.

Under the Upcoming Interviews widget on Dashboard, you will be able to access the Meeting link easily and directly click on it to join the meeting.

*Note: Interview Scheduling through Microsoft Teams is not supported in Self Scheduling Interviews.

GDPR settings - relocated

GDPR settings to add the Terms & Conditions of the GDPR in your Job application pages, requesting applicants to provide consent as per GDPR norms, which can be managed in this section.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Admin → Other Tab → GDPR

Vendor Management

The Vendor Management System is modified for ease of navigation. You can now add Vendors to the system and assign Jobs to Vendor Contacts individually.

Add Vendors in the Vendor module and create credentials for the Vendor user in the system.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Three Dots icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen → Vendor module → Add vendor → Allow System Access to the Vendor user

An automatic email will get sent out to the Vendor Contact whose credentials you create in the system. They can use the credentials to access the system partially to manage the jobs assigned to them.

You can also add multiple contact users for a Vendor, by creating more Vendor user credentials from the vendor profile view, under User Access

Navigation Path:   Three Dots icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen → Vendor module → Open a particular Vendor profile → User Access Tab → Add button

You can also assign multiple jobs to the Vendor contacts from within the Vendor window.

Navigation Path:   Three Dots icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen → Vendor module → Open a particular vendor → Jobs → Assign Job → Select jobs and choose contacts

Sponsored job board campaign

Run a campaign on Sponsored Job Boards of your choice, for all your important Jobs. Choose the platform of your choice from amongst 2000+ Job Boards and pay per Job advertisement.

In the Jobs section, under the Share icon, you can run the Sponsored Job Board Campaign. Add Job details and it will recommend the best suitable Job Boards for promotion. Choose from the recommended list or from all available Job Boards, complete the payment and market your Job for a certain duration.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Jobs module → Open a particular job → Share icon → Sponsored Job Board Campaign → Add Job details → Click on Next → Choose the channels from the Recommended or all channels list → Checkout and pay

You can also manage the ongoing Sponsored campaigns in the Admin section in the Premium Job Board section.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Admin module → Other Tab → Premium Job Board

Offer letter

Generating an Offer Letter from the system and sharing it with the candidates is now much simpler and user-friendly.

Choose to generate the Offer Letter for a positive candidate and Upload the Offer letter document or choose a template. Share it directly with the Candidate for either electronic signature or as a final document via email.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Candidate module → Open a required candidate profile → Under Three dots icon choose to Generate Offer Letter → Select the job they are applicable for → Add details in the Offer Letter form → Click on Next to choose the Offer Letter Template or add your own Offer Letter document → Click on Next to choose to send it to the candidate for electronic senator or as an email update

In case there are multiple people whose signatures are required in the Offer Letter, you can also add more ‘Signers’ to the list while sharing the document, to ensure that all required people receive the Offer Letter document in the email and can electronically sign the document.

You can view the Offer letter in the Candidate profile under the Offer Letter tab.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Candidate module → Open a required candidate profile → Offer Letter tab

Manage Offer Letter Templates

You can now manage offer letter templates in the Doc Templates section of the system. You can add documents and choose the document type and offer letter to maintain different offer letter templates. All templates that you maintain here for offer letters will be available for selection while generating offer letters for a candidate.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Three dots icon on bottom-left corner → Doc templates → Add document → Choose document category as Offer letter

*Note: Offer letter templates feature is removed from the Personal Settings and is now under Doc templates. Also, the Documents section is renamed as Doc Templates.

Job tracker for Clients / Hiring Managers

You can share individual Job tracker links with your clients or hiring managers to receive an update on the progress of the Job. The modified functionality of ‘Share Job Tracker Link’ now allows you to have full control on what information you wish to share with the client or hiring manager and also decide what actions they should be able to perform through the link.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Jobs module → Open a particular Job → Share Job Tracker Link → Choose candidate fields and actions you wish to share with your client or hiring managers → Share the link via email or just copy the link and share via any communications platform

You can also choose the candidate fields from the entire list to choose which candidate-related information you wish to share with your clients or hiring managers.

Choose Candidate details

Job Tracker View

Job Analytics - in Analytics Report & Job Profile

Access the Analytics Report, to understand the below data and modify your efforts towards marketing your vacancies. In this Analytics you will be able to see information related to below parameters.

  • Submit to Interview Ratio
  • Interview to Offer Ratio
  • Offer Acceptance Ratio
  • Top Sourcing Channel
  • Top Hiring Channel

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Reports Module → Other Tab → Analytics Report

Analytics Report

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Jobs Module → Open a particular Job → Analytics Tab

Analytics in Job View

Updates in self-service portals

The Self Service Portals for Client, Hiring Managers or Candidates now comes in a minimalistic, pleasing design.

Client / Hiring Manager Self-Service Portal

Candidate Self-Service Portal

In the Hiring manager’s self-service portal, they can now approve jobs as well, for the departments or branches.

*Note: To update your current design of the Self-Service Portal to a New design please write an email to [email protected]

Feature request portal

We are launching a new page through which you can now submit your suggestions for the system’s enhancement on a public platform. All users of the system can submit their votes for the listed suggestions and we would take the highest-voted suggestions into our development pipeline at regular intervals.

You can access this through your iSmart Account, Help Center - iSmartRecruit Help Center and also through our company’s website - iSmartRecruit Website

Referral campaign simplified

You can now easily run a referral campaign among your employees and candidates.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Jobs Module → Open a particular Job → Share → Run a Referral Campaign → Choose Employees or Candidates or both → Run Campaign

Simply choose multiple candidates to Include or exclude in the Referral program.

Page Link:  https:/  

Navigation Path:   Candidates Module → Multi-select required candidates → More Actions → Include in referral campaign or Remove from referral campaign

Maintain a master list of Employees (in the Catalog under Manage Master) to run a referral campaign among them.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Admin → Manage Master → Catalog → Employee department

Allow Client / Hiring Managers to update candidate status

You can now choose individual candidate statuses to allow access for your Clients or Hiring Managers to update the candidate status from the client tracker link or from self-service portals.

Simply turn the toggle ON for the statuses you wish to share with your clients or hiring managers on external links and platforms.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Admin → Customization → Recruitment Workflow → Add/ edit workflow stage → Toggle for Allow Client to Update

You can also view the list of shared fields with your clients in the customize candidate layout window.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Admin → Customization → Customize candidate layout → Fields shared with client

Customize onboarding workflow

While tracking the status of the onboarding process for your hired candidates, you can easily navigate to customize the onboarding workflow, in case you wish to add more steps to the onboarding process

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Three dots icon on the bottom-left corner → Onboarding module → Customize onboarding workflow

Add candidate for job pipeline

While adding candidates for Job, the job selected will get popped up automatically for the candidate. This will reduce your efforts spent in adding individual candidates separately and then assigning them to the job.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Open a particular Job → Candidate tab → Add Candidate button → Scroll down to Assign Job

Unselect talent pool to view all candidates

You can now simply unselect the chosen Talent pool from your Advanced search filter, to view the entire list of candidates.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Candidate Module → Advanced Search → Talent Pool tab → Deselect the chosen talent pool → click on search → view all candidates

Filter with job name and client name

You can now view the entire Job Name along with the client name to filter candidates for a particular job. In case there are similar job titles for different clients, this makes it easier to identify required candidates for a particular job of an individual client.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Candidate Module → Apply Filter button → Job

Confirm before sharing a confidential job

While accessing any feature related to sharing the job with an external platform or person, if the job is marked as confidential in the system, the system will request your confirmation before allowing you to access the feature to market the job.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Jobs Module → Open a particular job → Share button on top → if the job is marked confidential → Confidential warning message pop up → provide confirmation before moving ahead towards marketing the job

Excel import of employees data

While managing your Employees list in the system, you can now easily get redirected to the Excel import feature to import employees data in bulk.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Three dots icon on the bottom-left corner → Employees → Import from Excel button

Duration in reports

All the below mentioned reports can now be generated for the duration of 1 year (12 months).

  • -> Turnaround Time Report
  • -> Application By Progression Stage Report
  • -> Job Report
  • -> TAT Report
  • -> Email Report
  • -> Time to hire Report
  • -> GDPR Report
  • -> Job Success Report
  • -> Vendor Report
  • -> Commitment Report
  • -> Recruiter Performance Report
  • -> Client report
  • -> Interview Report
  • -> Lead conversion Report
  • -> Candidate Placement Report

New users will receive automated emails with credentials

Adding new users to your account is now simpler and faster. Simply request a support team via email to [email protected], to increase your account’s user limit as per our billing plan and you can create credentials for the users in the User section of the system.

Generating new user credentials will automatically send out an email to the new user with login credentials to access the system.

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Admin → Access & Permissions → Users → Add User → Select box for confirmation ‘Send email invite and share the credential of the system’

Send questionnaire and screening tests to candidates

Page Link:  

Navigation Path:   Candidates module → Open a particular candidate profile → Screening tab → Send Questionnaire & Send Central Test

Please press Ctrl+F5 to hard refresh your screen to get all UI updates in your browser.

You can book a training session or write to [email protected] for any further assistance.