The Surefire Steps for Building an

Effective Candidate Communication

The Surefire Steps for Building an effective Candidate Communication

Candidate Communication

As far as recruiting and hiring is concerned, talent acquisition plays the most valuable asset! Building an effective candidate communication make it even more valuable with the quality of relationship with them. Just as recruiters know that each and every candidate is essentially important in the talent pool so does the candidates, so having an equally balanced candidate communication in order to remain successful with your recruitment process builds a strong relationship both the sides!

Just as the internet marketers are changing their marketing strategies so does the strategies of recruiters and staffing agencies has been changed with the current trends of automation as hiring is done with the use of staffing software and candidates are streamlined with its usage to make a better candidate experience!

So, here are the surefire steps that would be helpful for building an effective Candidate Communication.

Outreaching the candidates with the following tactics:

1. Outreach a Candidate by Writing an InMail Messages on LinkedIn
When any candidate who looks like potential fit for the organization, just reach out to them! The amazing thing here is that most of the professionals are open to learning about the new job opportunities. The best way to outreach them is inmail as they are most likely to have a positive response rather than email.

2. Get a Phone Screening
Phone screening is the best way to get to know the candidate's interest & traits, communication skills and experience on a broader way. Phone screening interview will let you quickly understand whether or not the candidate is a good fit and worth investing!

3. Get Ready for an Onsite Interview
Candidates make appreciation if they get a positive candidate experience and they are much likely to accept the job! So it's important to ensure about the positive interview for candidates to have by the interviewer. Hence at the time of hiring and acquiring a better talent, an onsite interview is a critical process and so is to ensure a best interview experience.

Connect the best Candidates with this Surefire Strategies:

Centralize candidate communication by Building Relationship
The key to having a better talent acquisition is to build a strong relationship and a crystal clear communication without missing any key factors from both the end. An honest conversation with the build of trust assures candidates as well as interviewer that they are going on the exact direction and the bonding would work for future as well! When there is no hindrance of candidate communication there seems to be a better hiring decision from the organization and can help as a better guide for future perspective.

Clarity in Communication
A candidate always remembers the positive attitude and the welcoming experience if the organization represents the positive environment. Sometimes there are delays in decision making process, but if the candidates are stayed informed then they will most like trust your organization and would will to work for your firm.

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Author: Amit Ghodasara | 15th, June 2017

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