The Fascinating Functionality of Client Tracker Management

author Written by Amit Ghodasara January 5, 2017

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What happens when you start your day with lots of hefty work and at the end of the day you are still left with reporting workload that takes a couple of more hours to get completed? Surely, it feels stressful and irritating.

Client management and candidate's data records is a clumsy task for recruiters and staffing professionals. The process involves manual paper filing, record shredding, scheduling and maintaining all the important data of the client and candidates. This consumes a lot of time as well as effort even with staffing software. 

The basic purpose of staffing software is to deliver quality hiring and to have a better talent acquisition for a firm. However, though an ATS System features are much reliable and make recruiting process flexible and easy, recruiters always have to end up with creating reports at the end of the day. Hence, to ease the task of recruiters and staffing Professionals, iSmartRecruit has come up with its extremely powerful functionality and an advanced feature - client tracker, a unique feature which no other vendor offers. 

You would be amazed to know that client tracker reduces more than 80% of time consumption in generating end-to-end reports with just a single click. It helps in managing and tracking candidate records by generating an automated report and sends it to clients.

Here's the complete evaluation, how recruiters and staffing professionals work can reduce and easily handle their workload by using iSmartRecruit client tracker functionality. 

Functionalities of Client Tracker

  • Creates a report of the candidate's information and is stored on a single click. 
  • Easy to access and export the report file to the client. 
  • Helps to overcome the issue of manual report management. 
  • Creates completely data-driven and automated reports. 
  • Reduces the daily time consumption of creating & evaluating the report 
  • It shows all the information about candidates like: 

The reports offer complete information and analytics to measure the candidate's performance. To ensure the easy readability of reports, client tracker displays them with graphical and chart presentation.

Status Wise Candidate Count

Status Wise Candidate Count - iSmartRecruit

Job Wise Candidate Count

Job Wise Candidate Count

Considering all the above captivating functionalities of Client Tracker, it's easy to generate and manage all the candidate records by sending or forwarding the reports to the clients on a single click. 

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