Top 5 Recruiting Trends

Top 5 Recruiting Trends

Top 5 recruiting trends

As it was observed that the trends of recruiting are transforming towards automation, there are many reasons why the recruiters, HR and staffing agencies prefer to use an automation tool as it provides the set of advanced features that make their work easier to do their work with lesser efforts, time and helps the organization to grow.

Here are the few recruiting trends

1.Social Recruiting
The trend of social recruiting is keeping on increasing as the people keep on engage on social media platforms that make recruiters and HR to target more number of candidates easily. It is quite easy for the recruiters to publish jobs on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in order to source the candidates easily throughout the globe.

2.Importance of Passive candidates
It is very important to get the attention of the candidate's while recruiting passive candidates. To motivate the passive candidates for the job is money. Generally, the active candidates are more likely to adopt the new opportunities and challenges, thus it could be much better to consider the candidates based on the requirements and priorities of the candidates.

One of the biggest challenges for the recruiters is to find the suitable passive candidates. In today's era, the passive candidates can be a good option as they may have few years of experience, but they do not prefer to change the role.

The other challenge for the recruiters is to connect with the passive candidates and it makes more difficult for the recruiters when some other recruiters tried to connect with the candidates. It is better for the recruiters to understand the history of the candidates.

3.Conversion rate in sourcing
In today's era the competition of sourcing and hiring the candidates keeps on changing so it is much important to focus on quality rather than quantity. The more conversion rate can be observed if you target more number of relevant candidates. When you target relevant candidates, it may take plenty of time, efforts and hike in pricing if you do all these activities manually. Instead of doing all these activities manually, why don't we assign our work to an automated tool that will work according to our requirements? By using automation tools we can save time, reduce hiring days and helps your organization to grow.

So the question may arise how to improve my hiring activities and increase the conversion rate?

So the answer is to use ATS Software that helps you to reduce hiring days that helps your organization to grow, the system helps you to narrow-down the complex activities as the software comes with wide advanced features that will cover your requirements and it helps you to match the best candidates easily compare to manual work.

4.Candidate experience
The big changes can be observed that an organization started focusing on the candidate's experience that plays a vital role. It's fact that a better candidate experience plays a big role in order to make improvements in the recruitment and hiring process. To manage the candidate experience in an organized way it is necessary to improve the prior candidate experience that will help you a lot.

Headhunting is a form of recruitment and selection where the recruiter finds the contact details of a specific candidate that has some specific skills and contacts him/her in order to convince him/her to participate in the recruitment process. Headhunting doesn't mean that the recruiter is calling you to make an offer.

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Author: Daniel Mccartney | 1st, April 2018

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