Top 5 Recruiting Trends Everyone Should Know In 2019

author Written by April 1, 2018

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Hiring talent has become very competitive today. The traditional approach of candidate searches, excel data keeping, manual interview tracking can be inefficient now. It has been observed that the trends of recruiting are more on the technology side where technology has been rewriting traditional recruitment practises. In 2018 also looks to be no exception.

Here are the top 5 recruiting trends.


1. Social Recruiting
The trend of social recruiting is keeping on increasing as people keep on engaging on social media platforms that make recruiters and HR to target more number of candidates easily. It is quite easy for the recruiters to publish jobs on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in order to source the candidates easily throughout the globe.

2. Importance of Passive candidates
In today's era, passive candidates can be a good option as they may have a few years of experience, but they do not prefer to change the role. It is very important to get the attention of passive candidates while recruiting passive candidates. To motivate the passive candidates for the job is money. Generally, the active candidates are more likely to adopt the new opportunities and challenges, thus it could be much better to consider the passive candidates based on the requirements and priorities of the job.

Find suitable passive candidates for a job is one of the biggest challenges for recruiters and managers. Many recruiting and ATS software has sourcing and automation features which help you to overcome this challenge.

3. The conversion rate in sourcing
In today's era, the competition of sourcing and hiring the candidates keep on changing so it is much important to focus on quality rather than quantity. The more conversion rate can be observed if you target the number of relevant candidates. To identify whether the candidate is relevant for the job or not, we must be equipped with detailed information about candidate & job specification. The job description must include purpose, duties, responsibilities, the scope of work and working conditions of the candidate. Candidate information comprises personal & contact information, communication history (call & email), historical interview feedback, keynotes etc.

4. Candidate experience
The big changes can be observed that the organisation started focussing on the candidate's experience as that plays a vital role now. It's fact that a better candidate experience plays a big role in order to make improvements in the recruitment and hiring process. You can try the following things to improve the candidate experience.

  • Brand your emails well
  • Maintain transparency while application processing
  • Put your processes everywhere
  • Mobile & tablet friendly pages
  • Keep on sending emails regularly about matching jobs, greetings etc.
  • Work closely at the time of the interview and provide the best assistance

5. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a big buzzword for the recruitment industry as well. AI and machine learning algorithms can be best utilised in various areas of recruitment including profile matching, chat engagement, business prediction etc. AI has the ability to establish what a successful candidate in a specific job position has done, and look for candidates with backgrounds that match up with those criteria. It can identify combination including skill, location, work experience, qualification etc. Chat boat is one of the best solution to offer better engagement with the candidate without time constraint. The overall major benefit of AI in recruitment is that it will save lots of time and optimise your processes.

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