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iSmartRecruit is a scalable ATS Recruiting Software which is exclusively built to solve your recruiting problems. So far we have successfully assisted recruitment agencies and corporate recruiters to automate their manual task management and resulting in faster hires.

With the help of iSmartRecruit ATS Recruiting System, recruiters can overcome multiple pain areas like:

For Resumes

  • Resumes dumped in multiple folders hindering collective candidate search.
  • Low levels of data security. Anyone can share, delete or misuse resumes.
  • Data loss through hard disk crash, malware, virus, irregular data backups.
  • Candidates missed - due to unread, partly read, or unstated resumes.
  • Not using proper file naming standards or using inappropriate file versioning. The same resume could be in multiple folders or with numerous recruiters - which one to give the preference?


  • Excel reports require manual updates on a frequent basis which leads to time consumption.
  • Reports cannot be considered 100% accurate and even don't offer real-time updates.
  • Historical comparisons or analysis are hard-hitting and consume more efforts and time.
  • Reports are restricted in their outputs and are numerical rather than analytical.


  • Client tracker data and their conversion rates from leads to clients is not up to the mark.
  • Clients, position details and recruiter information needs to be linked manually.
  • Status reports consumes a major resource time and efforts which could be utilized in other key areas.


  • Use of multiple excel sheets to track candidates at every level and recruitment stages.
  • Lack of logical metrics on resume status by client, position and recruiter.
  • Loss in revenue opportunities by not recognizing the right candidate at the right time.
  • No automated notifications, reminders and alerts.
  • Repetition of work leading to waste of time, efforts and resources.

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ATS Recruiting Software System

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