Best Applicant Tracking Software Readiness Screening Test

Do you really need to switch for a Best Applicant Tracking Software?

There are multiple valid reasons to acquire a Best Applicant Tracking Software

Do you really have sufficient requirements for that shift to Best Applicant Tracking Software? Get the answer by ticking the checkbox for a "yes" or leaving the checkbox blank for a "no" to the below questions for practically discovering it...


  • 1. Do your most of the time gets invested in handling paper documents and files rather than analysing the candidates?
  • 2. Do you still manually search candidates and have problems to select quality resources?
  • 3. Do you experience troubles while tracking or report compliances?
  • 4. Can you really measure the quality of your recruiting and hiring procedures?
  • 5. Do you come across and receive plenty of resumes however have no automated processes to handle them?
  • 6. Is your work growing and now its becoming difficult to handle it with your current resources and systems in place?
  • 7. Do you still invest in resources who follow manual procedures to process, screen and communicate with applicants?
  • 8. Do you have dedicated person or team to handle the hiring processes?
  • 9. Do you follow manual processes to post job on your website or multiple job boards for candidate search?
  • 10. Do you need to have a database of applicants with both present and previous qualification stages so that you need not to search each job opening from scratch?
  • Count your "yes" answers to figure out your readiness score.

Interpreting Your Score

Score: 0-2

You may not require a Best Applicant Tracking Software with all the features as of now. However, you can access some of the basic features with us. Click here for free consulting.

Score: 3-5

You are ready for acquiring a best Applicant Tracking Software. And should access the feature list so that you come to know your exact requirements. Explore the detailed feature list and get direct consulting.

Score: 6-10

You really need a best Applicant Tracking Software Solution. Schedule a quick demo


Score lower than you thought?

Don't be so concerned. You may still be ready to evaluate Best Applicant Tracking Software.

Though you may not be receiving thousands of applications or resumes or do a big batch of corporate hiring's however at times, having one of those scenarios are adequate to acquire a best Applicant Tracking Software, and two or three reflects that you will unquestionably benefit from an Applicant Tracking Software.

Furthermore, a best Applicant Tracking Software may any time assist you in cutting down the time consumed on manual postings to multiple portals or job boards.