Unlocking Excellence: How HitContract Elevated Hiring Quality by 38%.

How HitContract Elevated Hiring Quality by 38%.

Online Resume Management Software = Your Advanced Searchable Resume Database

Powerful Resume Management Software that makes resume management easy with AI technology.

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2950 + Clients

9850 + Users

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2950 + Clients

9850 + Users

98950 + Jobs Filled

3 + Countries

What is Resume Management Software?

Resumes are a great way to identify high-quality talent as a resume covers everything related to an individual. Traditionally recruiters were extracting key information from the resume and store it in the excel file. It was a very tedious and time-consuming process for recruiters.

There comes the role of Resume Management Software, commonly known as resume management system, CV management software, online resume management system, recruitment management system software etc. but the concept is the same.

Resume Management System helps in searching, shortlisting, engaging, and recruiting the right candidates for the organization. The resume management system helps you to automatically parse key information, convert resume into candidate profile and helps in formatting resumes that will help you in representing your brand best.

30 minutes to explore the software.

The features of Resume Management Software

Automatic Parsing of Resume

Easy way to create and manage an entire database of candidates. Just put all your resumes from any source in one click and you have a database ready for a lifetime.

LinkedIn, Outlook & Gmail Plugin

The chrome browser extension allows you to import candidate profiles from your mailbox and social media accounts in just one click.

Searchable Candidate Database

Store all your resumes received from with website, job boards, social media in the centralised candidate database. Start searching candidates on your searchable candidate database and get the best matching results in seconds.

Advance Searching Option

To have more accurate matching candidates, apply advanced search options including keyword search, boolean search, semantic search, fuzzy search, proximity search.

Duplicate Check

Keep your database always with unique and updated resumes and system checks for the duplicate as and when new resumes arrived in the system.

Applicant Tracking

Customise your hiring workflow and start tracking the applicant with your hiring workflow stages.

Supporting All Resume Types

Supporting almost all file types of resumes including doc, docx, HTML, PDF, Text.

End-to-End Communication History

Store your end to end communication history of your team's email, text, VoIP calls at one place and easily get access of it.

AI-based Profile Matching

Powerful AI algorithms help in job matching against relevant candidates and candidate matching against with relevant job.

Allow Candidate to Update Profile

Send bulk emails to the candidate and request them to update their profiles directly in your candidate database.

Candidate Self Service Portal

Segment your database into different talent pools and manage your resumes more efficiently. Also, allow searching candidates in a particular talent pool.

Talent Pool

Powerful AI algorithms help in job matching against relevant candidates and candidate matching against the relevant job.


Generate reports and analytics to know which channel is delivering more resumes and plan your activities for the future.

Award-Winning Technology


The following are the key benefits of the Resume Management Software system.

For recruiting agencies, staffing agencies, HR teams, that's top important to build effective relations with clients, candidates, vendors who work with them. Here are few advantages of having the best Resume Management Software system for your business.

  • Automate your many manual tasks which consume lots of time and energy of the team.
  • Improve all over the productivity of recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Centralise data storage and ease of access of information.
  • Better candidate experience during the hiring process.
  • Create a strong employer brand.
  • Screen candidates automatically when they apply for the job. Save your pre-screening time to a great extent.
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