8 + Years

Who are we?

The entire industry and all the business domains are unsatisfied with the complex recruitment processes of finding great talent. Recruiting today has become complicated and diluted because of the outdated technology that disappoints all the stakeholders involved in recruitment processes, especially the candidates and recruitment managers.

We are here to solve these global recruitment problems. We assist recruitment companies and HR teams in over 40 countries. Our business objective is to execute and make the hiring process simpler and smarter. To help organisations with the best ways to get marvellous talents, we have assembled our own team of innovative thinkers and supportive workers, chosen from top candidate pools for us.

Now, visualise the world where it is simple to search for the best candidates, easy to get the perfect match between companies and candidates. Plus, there are multiple ways for all stakeholders and recruiting vendors to become the most valued business partners.

We visualised it. And then we delivered it with our Solution.

iSmartRecruit - Your Smart Recruitment Partner.

Our Greatest Minds

Bhavik Boghani
Director of Operations
Jayendra Mori
Director of Growth

Our Journey

Building technology for the future to produce unparalleled client impact.

July 2013
Started Development Under Name of IKraft Solutions
November 2013
January 2015
Trial with Pilot Customers
Full fledge launch
July 2015
April 2016
Expanded global footprint in 5+ countries
Active Users 200+
June 2016
December 2016
Lots of Technical & Functional challenges
Won 2 global awards
December 2016
March 2017
Inception of iSmart Solulab LLP - a new LLP company
Active Users 1000+
March 2017
April 2017
Launch of Chat support
Launch of 3 sales locations
June 2017
January 2018
Won 7 global awards
Active Users 2500+
January 2018
March 2018
Official Launch of Value-Added Reseller Program
Expanded global footprint in 20+ countries
March 2018
April 2018
GDPR Compliance
Innovative agile Approach
November 2018
March 2019
Expanded global footprint in 30+ countries
Won 15 Global Awards
December 2019
April 2020
Transform Organisation Processes to Support Remote Work.
Expanded Global Footprint In 35+ Countries
Jan 2021
June 2021
Active Users 10,000+
Expanded Global Footprint In 60+ Countries
December 2021