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What is a Talent Acquisition Software System?

For each organisation, talent acquisition is a key process where your team hire the best talent for your business needs. The talent acquisitions team is in charge of attracting, assessing, hiring and onboarding talent within the company.

A Talent Acquisition Software System is an HR software tool used by the talent acquisition team to efficiently acquire and, manage talented individuals who are looking for employment opportunities in the market.

The following are the typical steps of the talent acquisition process.

  1. Lead generation
  2. Attracting top talent
  3. Pre-screening, interviewing and assessments
  4. Checking references and backgrounds
  5. Shortlisting the best candidate
  6. Generating an offer
  7. Onboarding a candidate


Multichannel Candidate Sourcing

Start showing all your latest jobs on your website career page. Also, distribute your jobs on social media, job boards and job marketing platforms to attract the best matching candidates.

AI-Based Profile Matching

With the help of AI-based algorithms, the system suggests the best matching candidates against jobs and best matching jobs against candidates.

Online Assessments

Assess your candidates with psychometric tests, skill tests, personality tests, aptitude tests, management tests and language tests.

Interview Management

Manage your end-to-end interviewing process, including online interviews, offline interviews, calendar invites and feedback management.

Synchronise End-to-End Communication

Synchronise team emails and start tracking the end-to-end communication your team had with candidates.


Customise your onboarding workflow and documents, and start tracking the onboarding process of hired talent.

Candidate Self-Service Portal

Deliver the best candidate experience with the self-service portal. Customise the self-service portal as per your business needs. Allow candidates to do self-registration, update their profiles and submit or track applications.

Track Talent

Define your recruitment workflow and start tracking all the interesting talent who applied for your jobs.

Award-Winning Technology

Why use our Talent Acquisition Software System?

Having the right tools to manage the end-to-end talent acquisition process is the key to building a great team. Here are few advantages of having the best Talent Acquisition Software System for your business.

  • Improve the efficiency of your talent acquisition budget.
  • Facilitate better candidate experiences.
  • Analyse and improve your talent acquisition strategy.
  • Create a strong employer brand.
  • Secure your sensitive data and remain compliant.
  • Digitise all your data and processes.
  • Automate your tasks with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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