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After your friend buys a subscription and settles the invoice, you become eligible to receive gift vouchers. The value of the gift voucher depends on the invoice amount. You'll receive a $100 voucher if the invoice exceeds $500 and a $50 voucher if the invoice surpasses $100.

Want to Refer but Have Questions?
Dive into Our FAQs!

What’s the maximum limit for reward value & how will it be paid?

The maximum limit of commission value will be $500. The reward value will be paid only in the form of gift vouchers.

Is there a limit to the number of friends I can refer?

No, you can refer to as many as you want! There’s no such upper limit. Just please remember that your friends need to book a demo and sign up for a plan before you get rewarded.

By when will I receive the reward?

Our team member will credit your subscription in 30 days after your friend signs up for iSmartRecruit, sets up their system, and makes their initial subscription payment.

I referred a friend, but my reward has not been credited. What should I do?

If you have not received your reward, kindly ensure that you have met all the requirements. If you find that you have fulfilled all the requirements and still were not rewarded, then please do not hesitate to contact our support team. You can reach us via email at [email protected].

Do my referred friends receive any benefits?

Yes, your referred friends may also receive special benefits, such as discounts or exclusive offers, when they sign up for our services through your referral.