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Automated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Staffing software enable companies to automate the process of manually sourcing and matching qualified candidates. Automation solutions powered with artificial intelligence (AI) to best match qualified candidates, send them invitation email and send follow up emails about Job.

Automation feature also sends email to candidates if the resume is outdated. Candidate can directly update the profile information in the system. You don't have to bother about outdated resumes as system is going to update resumes on their own. Automated collaboration feature helps team to keep on the same page by generating automated tasks and notifications.

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Two Way Email Sync

Email communication is one of the key aspects of the recruiting process as recruiter deals with various stakeholders through email. Our Staffing software & Applicant Tracking System offers too easy and time-saving ways to track email conversations.

We connect your emails automatically to your candidates & clients, so you have a full record of all correspondence. You'll save time and improve your team's productivity. Though you sent emails from your desktop outlook, mobile device or any other mail client, still that emails will be synced in your sent items of our system mailbox

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Visual Pipeline

Visual hiring pipeline is a quick way to visualise your hiring process across all active jobs. Candidates enter your hiring process from one end and, step by step, the more qualified candidates progress through the pipeline until candidate get placed or hired. Recruiter can see the number of candidates at every stage for every job to focus your attention on where it is needed.

Our staffing software's default pipeline stages are based on the recruiting process that most companies tend to follow. You can use this pipeline as is or customise it based on your organisation hiring process.

  • Easy Candidate tracking
  • Customise your workflow stages
  • Quick actions like interview, email, change stage etc
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Website Integration

For your potential candidates, your career page will be the landing page. Your careers page is a reflection of what makes your company including your company culture, vision, mission and the people who work with it. So, deliver the right impression on career page landing is very important.

  • Employer Branding
  • Real-time job display on your career page
  • Screening questions
  • Automated import of applications into the system
  • Extend the best candidate experience
  • Automated email notification to Candidate & Recruiters
  • Use for Legal Protection
  • Optimise for Mobile
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