What can best Recruiting CRM Software System do for my business?

What can best Recruiting CRM Software System do for my business?

Recruiting CRM Software

What is CRM?

The term CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the most well-known technology term which almost all organization knows now. Many recruiting and staffing organizations already implementing CRM software to save their time and deliver better services to their stack holders.

What is CRM? - iSmartRecruit

Who can use CRM?

CRM is a business software for your recruiting business. Few years back, CRM was considered as an expensive technology and only big brands were using it. In present days there are various vendors available in market which offers best CRM tools for your business. Many vendor offers CRM on cloud so there is no hassle of installation and long terms contracts. You can just fill details online and make payment to get access of system. It is pretty straightforward and quick to start with CRM software.

Who can use CRM? - iSmartRecruit

What can CRM do for my business?

Though you are a small recruiting agency or a big logo company, CRM helps your business for sure. Recruiting business has various manual processes and recruiter always tied up with tight schedule management for interviews, follow-ups, client meetings and many more activities. Your CRM tool will be at rescue in this situation as CRM tool has various features which can simplify your day to day data management. It automates certain manual task like interview management, profile matching, reminders etc. so you never miss any important activity of your business. Many Recruiting CRM tool has strong reporting and analytics which keeps you updated about how is your business going and what kind of improvements you can bring in your business.

What questions generally recruiter has while thinking to have best Recruiting CRM Software?

The following are some very common questions recruiter has when they discuss Recruiting CRM.

Q. Can I store my candidate resume in Recruiting CRM Software?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. Can I manage clients & their jobs?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. Can I track my candidate's interview?
A. Yes, you can do complete management of your interviews.

Q. Can I manage email communication with clients & candidate through system?
A. Yes, you can send/receive emails and see complete history of communication?

Q. If we have offices in multiple regions, can all team members work on same platform?
A. Yes, all of your office users can work on same platform.

Q. Is it very expensive?
A. Not at all, research shows that in 3 months you will have good ROI.

Q. Is my information secured on cloud server?
A. Most of the vendors takes security as very important aspect so your data remains secured.

Q. When can I get ROI I made in CRM Software System?
A. It depends on organization to organization. Overall research shows that within 3 months you have ROI.

What do I do to get best Recruiting CRM System?

Step 1:
There are various global and local vendors available in the market which offers Recruiting CRM for your business. You can perform following steps to identify best Recruiting CRM.
Make a list of Recruiting CRM software provider. You can use bing or google to get the list. Also, Capterra, Software Advice, G2 Crowd etc. listing platform has list of software providers.

Step 2:
Arrange a demo or free trial based on your availability.

Step 3:
Review tools against your criteria like following.

  • What kind of feature it has?
  • How easy is it for my team?
  • What pricing model it has?
  • Do they provide free training?
  • What kind of support channel it offers?
  • How reliable is the service?
  • How do I take backup of my data?
  • What kind of future enhancement it offers?
  • Do they provide any integration feature with external system?

Step 4:
Finalize one or two tools and negotiate on pricing. Pay your subscription and start with system.

Do I go for cloud or on-premise option?

Cloud option is a quick and best options for small agencies. It is very quick to set up your account and there is less financial burden as you have to pay for each user for each month. For big agencies, on-premise could be the best option in terms of commercial aspect and flexibility to do changes in system. Also it is best in terms of data security as your complete data will be stored on your server only.

What is Next?

I think it is worth to try Recruiting CRM Software System as you can't have centralized data management through excel. Sooner or later you have to move forward with Recruiting CRM technology. It's time to learn more about iSmartRecruit and learn if iSmartRecruit is a good fit for your organization.

What is Next? - iSmartRecruit

Try iSmartRecruit trial for free or use our demo form to reach one of our experts. Please do write us on sales@ismartrecruit.com in case of any question or suggestion. We'll be happy to help you to drive the growth of your business.

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Author: Amit Ghodasara | 24th, May 2018

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