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Automate Recruitment Process

  • Too many candidates mean excessive manual entries. iSmartRecruit the recruitment agency software automates the various manual tasks, such as suggesting the best matching candidates and jobs and promoting your job on free job boards.
  • Keep your whole team on the same page with the help of candidates' history actions and inside communication tools such as a mailbox and notes.
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Hiring Visual Pipeline

  • The process of hiring becomes more clear when everything is visible in a single place.
  • Track your all active candidates who have been assigned to and are being processed for the job.
  • Make a faster hiring decision with the help of a comprehensive view of the candidate and job status.
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Report and Dashboard

  • Keep yourself updated about the existing outcome of hiring with the help of report analytics.
  • Gain insight into every angle of the business and through the key information take data-driven action. Recruitment agency software iSmartRecruit has a huge collection of reports namely team performance report, client report, job success report, and many more.
  • Handy dashboard with eye-catchy format helps you to understand the ongoing activities, such as upcoming interviews, calls or events.
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Customer Relationship Management

  • For recruitment agencies maintaining relationships with their customers, i.e, clients are essential for business growth.
  • iSmartRecruit allows you to send and track the email conversation with the clients and take timely follow-ups. The client report gives you information regarding the performance delivered to the customers.
  • Through a client service portal provides an excellent client experience by allowing them to perform a majority of activities themselves.
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The Sourcing Ways

  • For recruitment agencies sourcing is an unbroken process. And for that iSmartRecruit recruitment agency software is an ideal technology
  • iSmartRecruit permits you to source the candidates and clients from any online platform such as LinkedIn, Gmail or any job board.
  • Also, track the overall sourcing methods by gaining insight into the beneficial way of sourcing the candidates and clients.
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Why to Choose the Best Recruitment Agency Software Like iSmartRecruit?

Recruitment turns into a successful business when you choose the right recruitment agency software. iSmartRecruit is a powerful recruitment agency software with the purpose to maintain relationships with candidates, customers and leads. Manage your overall team performance and optimize the hiring approach based on existing insight.

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