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What is Recruitment Agency Software?

Recruitment Agency Software is a powerful tool used by staffing and recruiting firms to simplify end-to-end recruitment workflow by automating manual tasks. The software for recruitment agencies offers an all-in-one platform to promote and manage open jobs, talent sourcing, applicant tracking, resume parsing, interview scheduling and management, background verification, and onboarding process. All of these functionalities are generally supported by a wide range of AI-powered features in staffing software.

The Biggest Challenges Recruitment Agencies Face


Cut-throat competition to hire quality talent


Unrealistic client expectations


Engaging and interacting with qualified candidates


Unconscious bias in the recruitment process


Adjusting to remote hiring


Provide positive candidate experience


Navigate and manage multi-generational teams


Unstable hiring market


Navigating complex compliance and regulations laws


Matching candidates' skills with job requirements


Maintain transparency between clients and candidates

See How Innovative iSmartRecruit Features
Make Exceptional Hiring for Agencies

From creating job descriptions to onboarding, iSmartRecruit Recruitment Agency Software provides easy-to-use features
that allow the team to conduct recruitment workflow efficiently and secure a positive candidate experience.

Auto-pilot Workflows

Simplify your recruitment tasks by automating your workflow, enabling you to effortlessly send emails and generate tasks based on updates in workflow status.

AutoPilot Workflow

Task Management

Easily create and assign tasks to team members. Associate activities with candidates, clients, jobs, and leads through automatic reminders and alerts, simplifying task management and enhancing team collaboration.


Track Projected & Actual Revenue

Make better decisions and do accurate budgeting with revenue projections. Track all actual revenues against projected revenues and track the individual performance of the team members against their target values.


Key Benefits of Using iSmartRecruit’s Recruitment Agency Software

Source from everywhere

Screen candidates faster

Boost candidate retention

Enhance diversity

Engage with passive candidates

Easily manage candidate/client database

Seamless data migration and implementation support

Reduce administrative and operational costs

Enable data-driven hiring

Build strong relationships with clients/candidates

Remain compliant

Witness the Impact of Our Best Recruitment Platform


Recruitment managed


Active recruiters



Automate Your Hiring With Most Popular Integrations

Explore our 50+ partner tech platforms that give you access to recruitment marketing,
social media, job boards, mass mailing, VOIP, and online meetings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a live demo or get a live tour of the software?

Absolutely yes! Request a free demo today. For a trial, please email us at [email protected], and our sales team will guide you through the process.

Is the Recruitment Agency Software suitable for all types of agencies?

Yes, our software is designed to cater to the needs of all types of agencies, including temp, contract, contingent, retained, linguistic recruitment, RPO, and executive search agencies.

Do you offer personalised training sessions during user onboarding?

Yes, we take the time to understand your business process and arrange multiple live training sessions to integrate it seamlessly with our system. In addition, we emphasise all key features that can optimise your existing processes.

How do you ensure the security of sensitive data?

We prioritise data security with advanced encryption, secure servers, regular security audits, and strict access controls. Your data is handled with the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

How long does it take to get the software up and running?

After payment, you will be onboarded within an hour. For more details, please email our sales team at [email protected].

Can I suggest a new feature or customisation?

Absolutely yes! We welcome feature suggestions and customisation requests to better meet your agency’s needs. Please click here to share your ideas.

Are there any resources or documentation to help me get started?

Yes, we provide comprehensive resources, including video tutorials, help-centre articles and a dedicated support team to assist you.

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30 minutes to explore the software.
30 minutes to explore the software.

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