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What is Recruitment Agency Software?

Recruitment Agency Software is a tool used by staffing and recruitment agencies to optimise and digitise the hiring process. iSmartRecruit's CRM and Recruitment Agency Software is designed specifically for agency businesses to manage the end-to-end recruitment process including lead generation and management, finding and attracting candidates, invoicing and payments.

It supports a variety of functions, including:

  1. Lead management
  2. Sourcing
  3. Applicant tracking
  4. Recruiting analytics & reporting
  5. Pre-hire assessment and background checking
  6. Invoice & payment management
  7. AI & automation

Features of Recruitment Agency Software

Candidate Sourcing

Promote your job on various marketing channels and start attracting the best candidates for your agency.

Applicant Tracking Workflow

Streamline your recruitment process by improving shortlisting, screening, interviewing, and job offers. Customise your recruiting workflow and start tracking all the ongoing candidates.

Online Assessments

Assess your live candidates with the psychometric tests, skill tests, personality tests, aptitude tests, management tests and language tests.

Interview Management

Offer video and offline interview options to candidates and interviewers. Manage your interviewing process, including feedback management and interview invites.

Task Management

Assign tasks to your team members and track them with the task management feature.

Lead Generation

Your sales team can manage all new leads. Follow all potential customers with a streamlined sales workflow and access to complete communication history.

Invoice & Payment

For the hired and placed candidates, you can generate invoices and start tracking payment against all the invoices.

Client Self-Service Portal

Your client can access candidate information in real-time with the client self-service portal. Easily shortlist and reject candidates through the client self-service portal itself.

Candidate Self-Service Portal

Candidates can apply for jobs and check the status of their application with the candidate self-service portal.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI matches candidates with jobs and provides 24x7 chat assistance on your website with a chatbot option.

Reporting & Compliance

Generate various reports with just a click. Get insights about your business and plan future actions accordingly.

Award-Winning Technology

Why use our Recruitment Agency Software?

The following are the key benefits of the recruitment agency software for executive search, headhunting and staffing agency businesses.

  • Manage the full life cycle of your sales process to bring more clients.
  • Reduce your manual work with the help of AI-based automation.
  • Digitise all your information so it remains handy whenever you need it.
  • Better data-driven decisions instead of relying on your instincts.
  • Offer the best service to your customers and candidates by engaging them throughout the recruitment process.
  • Seamless vendor correspondence.
  • Introduce a more collaborative work culture with the team.

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