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Chrome Extension

  • Source your candidate and client from anywhere with the accessible iSmartRecruit extension.
  • Chrome extension of executive search software saves your time and efforts by adding the clients, candidate and leads from any platform such as LinkedIn, Gmail and other online sources.
  • The extension is for free just create an account in iSmartRecruit and download the google extension.
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AI Search

  • iSmartRecruit executive search software provides the latest technology and features to its users. One of the advanced features is the AI search.
  • There are many AI-based search feature offer by the iSmartRecruit such as
    1. Contextual search
    2. Search through particular keyword
    3. Boolean search
    4. Fuzzy search
    5. Proximity search
  • Many more ways are obtainable to search via AI technology.
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AI Profile Matching

  • Our core algorithm identifies and provides the score of the most assuring matches between resumes and opportunities.
  • Get the quick matching score of the candidate according to the job description.
  • This feature reads the natural language in the job description and existing candidates’ profile and calculates the predicted score.
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Client Portal

  • The client portal is a super simple feature that eases the work of recruiter as well as clients.
  • The portal allows your clients to keep their eyes on the recruitment process and carry out some critical activity without any mediator.
  • Client portal is completely customizable that enhances the client experience and transparency.
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Job Tracker

  • The job tracker feature is handy in order to share candidate information with the clients.
  • By sending an email and sharing the link to the job tracker you enable the client to access the information.
  • Furthermore, clients can also perform some action concerning the candidate like update the status, create a note, and update the joining details.
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Two-Way Email Sync

  • iSmartRecruit two-way email sync automatically shows the messages that you send to candidates, clients, vendors or any third party and their responses.
  • All email will automatically record into the system thus, you don’t need to struggle to maintain the communication.
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Two-Way Calendar Sync

  • The calendar integration permits you to shamelessly connect and sync within the outlook 365/ Google calendar and executive search software.
  • Smoothly track the availability of events and occurrence within the software.
  • Quickly add new events through the calendar in our system and sync both of your calendars.
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Email Templates

  • You can create an email template to send the email to the clients and applicants during the whole process of hiring, such as inviting them to interview, hiring and rejection, etc.
  • A bunch of templates are already accessible into the system. Furthermore, you can create your own template according to the requirement.
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Candidate Status Tracking

  • During each stage of hiring, you can simply identify on which stage a candidate has been reached with the help of candidate status.
  • Maintain the track of candidate status to know the actual progress in the recruiting process of every single candidate.
  • Candidate status tracking helps you to get insight into the existing cycle of hiring methodology.
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Customize Fields

  • Executive search broadly needed customizable fields with the aim to achieve the goal of hunting swiftly.
  • iSmartRecruit offers highly customizable fields, pages and workflow.
  • You can add, update and delete the fields as per the requirements with the iSmartRecruit’s custom field features.
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Why to Choose the Best Executive Search Software Like iSmartRecruit?

The best executive search software like iSmartRecruit helps to hunt the right talent in the right place through the digital advanced solution. Diminish your searching efforts for talents, notes, clients, resume and anything. Enjoy your executive searching process with the prominent features of iSmartRecruite the best executive search software.

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