Talent Acquisition Software System Pricing Model

Flexible & Transparent

We have designed various plans for our best Talent Acquisition Software System based on different kinds of needs. See our standard plans below.


  Pay Per

It's the most compatible plan for small business players because you have to pay only for active users. You can increase or decrease the number of licenses based on your team size.

  Pay Per

It is the right plan for medium or big enterprises. Pay simply for your enterprise instead of paying for individual users.

On Premise

  Pay for

If you want to make a long term commitment, you don't have to pay every month or year. Choose this plan where you only need to pay once for ten users

Customized version

If you want to customize iSmartRecruit according to your needs, such as adding some reports or new functions, then this plan fits your business requirements. Connect with us - We will be happy to answer all your questions!

Pricing depends on the plan you choose and how many employees you have. Contact us for a customized quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the security status of our data with iSmartRecruit?

Your data will remain within yourself. iSmartRecruit can safeguard your data and whenever you want to terminate you can get the backup of your data too.

Where is the server hosted by iSmartRecruit?

iSmartRecruit is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Do you offer a discount?

Yes… We do offer a 50% discount to startups companies for the first year. Also if you pay upfront for a year, you will get extra 20% discount.

How does iSmartRecruit’s pricing work?

Unlike other software providers, iSmartRecruit does not charge based on jobs and features. iSmartRecruit charges on the basis of a number of users on quarterly/yearly based.

What kind of support does iSmartRecruit offer?

iSmartRecruit is working with various support channels like Call Support, Mail Support, Live Chat Support etc. Additionally, we do offer training sessions to educate your users for a smooth onboarding with the system.

Can I import my current data to iSmartRecruit?

Yes… we do offer data migration service so your major data set can be imported well to our system.

Are there any termination fees?

No… We do not charge for termination. Any time you can terminate your accounts with iSmartRecruit.

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Joann Cox
" We recently started using iSmartRecruit Talent Acquisition Software. Anytime a group starts using a new software product, they have user and training issues. The people at iSmart have been so wonderful. No matter what the time of day (or night), they jump in to help us immediately. They do much more than what is expected.

- Joann from Talent Partners, Inc.
" Me and my team have been working with iSmart Talent Acquisition Software since 4 months, and so far it has been a pleasant experience. Either by the excellent customer service provided or the user experience of the platform, it has helped us achieved the results we haved set.

- Adolfo Hernández at Training Technologies
Fraser Muir
"Quality is amongst the best, very user friendly, its features and functionality flows align perfectly with recruitment stages, great value for money and top customer support and customisable solutions available in the market today. Highly recommended. "

Zuzi A., Redfire Consulting, Singapore