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High-volume Recruiting

Say Goodbye to All Your High-volume
Recruiting Headaches!

Smoothly Conduct Mass Interviews

Streamline the tidal wave of interviews and give a positive interview experience to all your candidates. Schedule bulk interviews effortlessly and send interview links to your entire candidate list in one quick move. Interviewing in such a high volume has never been this smooth!

mass interview

Reporting & Analytics

Powerful reporting tools to analyze hiring metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, applicant sources, and conversion rates which are vital for optimizing the recruitment process.

Reporting & Analytics

Top 3 Unique Benefits of High-volume
Recruiting Software Offers!

Fast & Streamlined
Mass Recruitment

Whether you're hiring for 30 roles or 3000, our all-in-one platform streamlines and fulfils all your custom mass recruitment needs.

Candidate Care
at Core

Leverage our high-volume recruiting software to ensure a positive candidate experience by conducting smooth and efficient workflows.

Lots of paperwork
Smart Spending,
Max Returns

Use our cost-effective mass recruitment software to transform your recruitment budget into an investment that promises surprisingly higher returns.

Our Client Testimonial Speaks
Louder Than Words!

Our Client Testimonial Speaks Louder Than Words!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing model work?

Our pricing structure is based on the number of users you would like to have. For more information, visit our pricing page or contact our sales team at [email protected].

Do you offer a free trial or demo version?

Absolutely yes! Request a free demo today. For a trial, please email us at [email protected], and our sales team will setup the trial for you.

How often are updates and new features released?

We at iSmartRecruit believe in constant innovation. We deliver product updates monthly based on our user's needs and current market trends.

What languages are supported in the system?

Our High-Volume Recruiting Software supports 14 languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Latvian, Macedonian, Russian, Slovak, Albanian, and Slovenian.

Do you offer open APIs to integrate with other systems?

Yes, we offer open APIs if you want to integrate iSmartRecruit with any other system. We already integrated with various job boards, social media platforms, recruitment marketing tool. Please visit our integration page for more information.

How does the software help ensure compliance with hiring regulations?

Our Mass Recruitment Software includes built-in compliance features to help you adhere to hiring regulations. It supports tracking and documentation of all hiring activities, ensures data privacy and protection, and provides regular updates to align with the latest legal requirements.

How long does it take to get the software up and running?

After payment, you will be onboarded within an hour. For more details, please email our sales team at [email protected].

Can the software scale with my business as it grows?

Absolutely! Our high-volume recruitment software is designed to scale your agency or corporate business effortlessly. It helps you handle an increasing number of job postings and manage a larger candidate pool. Our software can easily adapt to your growing recruitment needs and ensure smooth and efficient processes at any scale.

Can I suggest a new feature or customisation?

Absolutely! We welcome feature suggestions and customisation requests to meet your agency’s needs better. Please click here and share your ideas.

Become a Mass Recruitment Machine!

Conduct end-to-end high-volume recruiting with iSmartRecruit’s Mass Recruitment Software and achieve record-breaking performance.

30 mins. to explore our mass recruitment software
30 minutes to explore the software.

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Use the power of our High Volume Recruitment Software to speed up & elevate your high-volume hiring game with iSmartRecruit.