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What is Applicant Management Software?

Traditionally recruitment and hiring was a very tedious and time-consuming task as there were no system to track the applicants. But not now! Applicant Management Software is the key to end to end management of your all applicants.

Applicant Management System is commonly known as Applicant Management Software, Application management solutions, or application management tools. Names are different but the concept is the same.

Applicant Management Software gives overall help to the organization for hiring and recruiting purpose. An applicant Management system helps organizations to easily parse key information, convert resume into candidate profile and helps in formatting resumes that will represent your brand as best.

Let’s see who can make the best use of Application Management tool:

  1. Candidates who could be the right fit for your open positions
  2. Clients for which they are doing the hiring
  3. Leads who could be converted as Client
  4. Colleagues who work with you as a team
  5. Vendors who help to fill the critical positions

Features of Applications Management Solutions

Automatic Resume Parsing

Quickly import your all resumes with the help of Resume Parser. Automatically parse the key information from the resume and avoid duplications of resumes.

Gmail, Outlook and LinkedIn Plugin

With chrome browser extension you can import profiles form mailbox and social media in seconds.

Efficient Searchable Candidate Database

Start centralising all your applications received from different channels like job boards, website, social media.Leverage on your searchable candidate database instead of sourcing new candidates all the time.

Advanced Searching Option

Apply advanced search options like boolean search, keyword search, proximity search, semantic search, fuzzy search and get accurate matching candidates.

Applicant Tracking

Hiring professionals can customise the workflow of recruitment and start tracking all the candidates under the process.

Support All Resume Types

Our Applicant Management System supports almost all file types of resumes like doc, docx, HTML, PDF, Text.

Complete Communication History

Store all your end-to-end communication history of candidate including email, text, VoIP calls in a single place. Never miss a single communication whether it was done recently or years back.

AI-based Profile Matching to Enhance your Recruitment

Whether it be candidate matching against the relevant job and job matching against relevant candidates. Do it with the help of powerful AI Algorithms.

Allow candidates to Update and Edit Profile

You can request candidates to update their profiles directly into the database by sending bulk emails.

Talent Pool

Manage your resumes efficiently by segmenting your database into different data pools. Also, allow searching candidates in a particular talent pool.

Candidate Portal

Empower candidate experience by allowing them to register on self service portal. Automate operations of profile update, search for matching jobs, check the status of applications.


With reports and analytics, you will have an idea that which channel is delivering more resumes and accordingly you can plan your activities for the future.

Award-Winning Technology

Why use our Applicant Management Software?

Whether you are recruiting agencies, hr teams or staffing agencies, the primary goal will be to have healthy relations with your candidates, clients, and vendors.

So take a look at the advantages of having the best Applicant Management System for your business.

  • 100% centralise information including resumes, communications etc.
  • Automate your manual tasks thus reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Improve productivity of recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Provide best candidate experience during the recruitment process.
  • Save pre-screening time to a great extent.
  • Improve the quality of hire.
  • Boost employer brand value.
  • Better data driven decisions for the future.

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