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What is Applicant Management System?

Traditionally recruitment and hiring was a very tedious and time-consuming task as there was no system to track the applicants. But not now! Applicant Management Software is the key to end-to-end management of all your applicants. Applicant Management System is commonly known as Applicant Management Software, Application management solutions, or application management tools. Names are different, but the concept is the same.

Applicant Management Software gives overall help to the organisation for hiring and recruiting purpose. An applicant Management system helps organisations easily parse key information, convert resumes into candidate profiles and help in formatting resumes that will represent your brand as best.

Challenges Recruiters are Facing to Manage
Applicants in Recruitment


Human limitation of interacting with tons of candidates.


Organise and filter applicants with accuracy.


Securing positive candidate experience.


Tracking applicants with a customised workflow.


Losing applicants to competitors.


Keeping the applicant database organised.


Testing candidates’ skills accurately and fairly.


Handle bulk of applications effectively.


Efficiently engaging with qualified talent.


Assuring a fair hiring process.


Ineffective employer brand.


Recruiters' lack of tech knowledge leads to poor engagement.

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From creating job descriptions to onboarding, iSmartRecruit staffing agency software provides easy-to-use
features that allow you to conduct recruitment workflow efficiently and
secure positive candidate experience.

Customisable Scorecards

Do the performance evaluation of the applicant and select different scorecard criteria, and rate against each criterion. Rate your applicants based on various parameters and skills for better comparison and analysis of the candidates.

add Scorecard

AI-based Applicant Matching

With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the system will suggest the best applicants for the various open jobs.

job profile matching

Gmail, Outlook and LinkedIn Plugin

Import profiles from your mailbox, social media channels, and job boards in seconds with the Chrome Browser Extension. Connect and synchronise all your emails and calendar with the system. Track all the communication and interviews within the system.

Gmail, Outlook and LinkedIn Plugin

How iSmartRecruit, our Applicant Management Software, help you manage Applicants with Ease & Precision?

24x7 interaction.

Track the communication history.

Customised applicant workflow.

Send individual and bulk SMS & mass Emails.

Schedule an interview, track it, and record feedback.

Block the fake or unwanted applicant profile.

Divide the applicant database into multiple groups.

View all the recruitment activities done in one place.

Preserve all the email communication history.

Send application acknowledgement.

Recruitment analytics to enhance applicant management & engagement.

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