Applicant Tracking

Automate and enhance your recruiting process
with the applicant tracking system.

Manage Jobs

Easily create and manage jobs that fill up your positions within a blink of an eye. Discover the difference between ordinary and specialized services.

    • Promote jobs
    • AI-profile matching
    • Analytics
    • Customizable job layout
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Use our interview management feature to manage your single or multi-step interview process with complete collaboration with all the stakeholders.

    • Email Automation
    • Feedback management
    • Sync with Calendar
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Visual Pipeline

Make a breakthrough with Visual Pipeline. Create
- Change - Manage all with the statuses.

    • Recruitment workflow
    • Custom pipeline stages
    • Live filters
    • Email

Sourcing Extention

Make candidate sourcing flawless with the sourcing extension.

    • LinkedIn
    • Xing
    • Outlook
    • Gmail
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Candidate Information

Get all the information about your candidates in a single spot.

    • Resume
    • Activity stream
    • Scorecard
    • Submission
    • AI-based job matching
    • Task & emails
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Advanced Search Options

Utilize your candidate database to the core
with advanced search techniques.

    • Fuzzy Search
    • Proximity Search
    • Smart Search
    • Semantic Search
    • Advanced customization

Knockout Screening

Knockout screening would be your ultimate problem solver of irrelevant applications. Fill your folders with the genuine candidates only.

    • Automated screening
    • Automated rejection email
    • 100% accuracy
    • Customize questions
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Manage Questionnaires

Manage your screening questionnaire to speed up your screening process. You can send the questionnaire to your candidates and prescreen them easily.

    • Manage questionnaires
    • Share with candidates & applicants
    • Score candidates compared to how they answer questions
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Candidate Scorecard

You can schedule one-way video interviews with the candidates and
they will get notifications about the interview through email.

    • Choose different scorecard criteria
    • Rate your candidates
    • Get the overall rating

Video Interviewing

Pre-screen your candidates with advanced-level candidate scorecard criteria.

    • Email notification
    • Multiple interviews in one go
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Self-Service Interview

It's a big trend in the recruitment industry right now! This feature will allow you to propose different interview time slots to your candidates. Your candidates can select the best suitable time of interview and confirm it.

    • Propose interview slots to the candidate
    • Choose the best suitable slot by the candidate
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See what else you can do for
the right hiring

AI & Automation

In depth analysis and profile matching using AI.

Team Collaboration

Work collaboratively, work efficiently.