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Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in Africa for 2023

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The human resource (HR) and payroll practices across Africa have exponentially changed over the years due to increased demand for automated business solutions by organizations of all sizes. Additionally, the increase in remote work, the need for compliance, and the new generation workforce have significantly shaped how businesses adapt and integrate HR and payroll software in their daily operations. 

HR software is the ultimate tool to simplify HR management tasks because it empowers your workforce, saves time, and it's cost-effective. Automated payroll software is also an excellent choice for your business since it helps save time, keep payroll data secure and reduce payroll errors. This post reviews top HR and payroll software in Africa that you should consider using.

Here are the Top 10 HR and payroll software 2023

1. Sage Payroll - Perfect your pay run with Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll is a cloud-based payroll solution that enables users to pay employees through various methods, such as direct deposits, company-generated checks, and paycards for all business sizes. Among additional beneficial services, they offer accounting integration and tax filing. 

Sage saves time because you can access it anywhere, and it has a range of reporting features. However, its user interface can be complicated for some users, especially when managing complex employees information and payments.



Specific features of Sage Payroll depend on the plan you choose from their three options, i.e., Sage Payroll Essential, Sage Payroll Essential Plus, and Sage Payroll Full Service.


Pricing: Contact the vendor

Pricing Option: Free trial and Subscription 

Business Size: Small, Medium, Large

2. PaySpace Africa - Innovative. Efficient. Always compliant.

PaySpace is another great African HR and payroll software that helps businesses in over 30 countries across Africa. It's 100% cloud-based software accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

PaySpace helps you automate payrolls and manage employees' performance, attendance, recruitment, and training, among other HR functions in a business of any size or industry. Additionally, this software offers multi-currency and multi-language solutions for its users. Most importantly, it helps you stay compliant with regulations regarding salaries and other payments in the user's country. 

PaySpace is an easy-to-use HR and payroll software that aims to make your businesses function seamlessly. They offer four product options (Lite, Premier, Master, and Outsourcing), and features vary across four packages.

PaySpace Africa


Among the top features of HelloHR software are:

  • Country-specific tax legislation for 43 countries

  • Pro-active & run free Payroll

  • Comprehensive leave administration

  • Auto medical scheme rate updates (SA only)

  • API integration

  • Advanced general ledger  

  • Custom payslips

  • Incident management

  • Support multi-language


Pricing: Contact the vendor

Pricing Option: Free trial and Subscription

Business Size: Small, Medium, Large

3. Workpay -  Manage and Pay employees on time

Workpay is an HR and payroll software that offers services to SMEs, startups, Non-profit organizations, and remote teams across Africa. Workpay helps you track time and empower your employees from any location. This software enables you to manage all HR tasks in one place and across multiple sites. Their payroll system is super-efficient, accurate, and suitable for remote and local teams. 

Workpay is a user-friendly software, and its packages and pricing are highly customisable to the needs of your specific business. They also understand the need for excellent live customer support.



Among top features of the Workpay payroll software include:

  • Real-time downloadable reports

  • Convenient self-service portal for employees

  • Harmonious integration with all other features 

  • Easy-to-use interface 

  • Consistent automatic payroll processing

  • Instant salary disbursements to banks and mobile money in your preferred currency. 


Pricing: Contact the vendor

Pricing Option: Free trial, Freemium and Subscription

Business Size: Small, Medium, Large

4. Achieve Payroll - payroll. simplified.

Achieve Payroll is a cloud-based payroll software founded in Ghana, and it automates Payroll the entire payroll processing. It entails managing employee information by submitting remittance reports. 

What makes Achieve Payroll software feature on this list anyway? It's user-friendly, and you can quickly get started in minutes, saving many hours you had spent making excel sheets. Additionally, you can automatically back up your data for use and keep it secure. Above all, users send generated payslips via email or mobile automatically.

achieve payroll


Among the top features of Achieve Payroll entail:

  • Downloadable payslips for employees

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Security and data backup  

  • Easy accessibility from anywhere

  • Automatic payslips


Pricing: Contact the vendor

Pricing Option: Free trial and Subscription

Business Size: Small, Medium

5. Bento - Meeting work whenever it happens

Bento is another excellent HR management software providing great payroll solutions to small and mid-sized businesses across Africa. The bright side of this software is its flexibility and ease of use. Additionally, it's customizable according to business needs.

Bento is an exceptional tool for managing workforce management and B2B payments. However, this software lacks an accounting integration.



Among the top features of Bento payroll software are:

  • ACH payment processing

  • Accounting integration 

  • Enable mobile and online payments 

  • Customizable reports 

  • Offers real-time data, analytics, and time-reporting 

  • Workflow management

  • Transaction monitoring


Pricing: $29/month (Team- up to 10 cards), $69/month (Pro- up to 25 cards) & $149/month (Enterprise-more than 25 cards) 

Pricing Option: Free trial, Free plan, and Subscription

Business Size: Small, Medium, Large

6. Endeavour Africa Group - Endeavour Empower Enrich

Paymaster is sophisticated yet comprehensive payroll software from Endeavour Africa Group. It addresses SMEs and large organizations' human resource and payroll functions. 

Paymaster software features an intuitive design and integrates seamlessly with human resources and other accounting ERP systems. This software also allows the export of payroll reports to excel and pdf formats. 

Paymaster Payroll software is versatile and thus supports various network infrastructures. Additionally, it supports multiple users, locations, companies, and currencies. Above all, it helps you stay compliant with all tax regulations within African countries.


Other top features of the Endeavour Africa Paymaster include:

  • One step back up and restore

  • SQL Server database

  • Full-user profile management.

  • Fully configurable to an organization's policies 

  • User-defined payments/deductions


Pricing: $30/month (up to 10 employees) + $1/employee/month

Pricing Option: Free trial and subscription

Business Size: Small, Medium, Large

7. Flexi Time - Work better with apps that help your business grow

FlexiTime Payroll is a cloud-based payroll software designed to meet the needs of businesses in Africa. It automates the entire payroll process, from time tracking to paying employees, making it easier and more efficient for businesses to manage their payroll.

FlexiTime Payroll supports various pay types, tax calculations, and leave management. With features such as custom reporting and integration with popular accounting systems, FlexiTime Payroll provides a comprehensive solution for businesses in Africa looking to streamline their payroll operations.

Flexi Time - Work better with apps that help your business grow


  • Payroll processing
  • Leave management
  • Expense management
  • Reports and analytics


Pricing: Contact the vendor

Pricing Option: Free trial and Subscription

Business Size: Small, Medium

8. Africa HR Solutions - Your Complete HR Outsourcing Partner

Africa HR is a software that focuses on automated payroll processing and employment outsourcing services within Africa. However, it also offers other solutions such as ancillary and immigration services. 

AfricaHR offers cloud-based payroll software that helps process accurate and timely Payroll for your employees in small and large organizations/businesses. It also facilitates in-country payments and submission to certain African countries; therefore, you stay in compliance always. 

Africa HR software is also ideal for EOR and POE services within Africa. It helps you hire faster in a legal way, thus saving time and cost.

africa hr


Among the top features of the Africa HR solutions software include:

  • Data capturing for new starters

  • Access to customised reports

  • Calculation of third party payments 

  • Easy to use 

  • High data security


Pricing: Contact the vendor

Pricing Option: Subscription

Business Size: Small, Medium, Large

9. PayDay - Make today the day

PayDay Payroll is another excellent HR and payroll software serving SMEs. It offers a cloud-based payroll solution that handles all payroll functions, from withholding taxes and deductions to reporting. It allows users to enter payroll policies, employees' salaries, and information and then go on autopilot mode: a 24/7 online payroll solution. 

This software is also a buddy in your HR functions. It comes with HR solutions that are fully integrated. Therefore, you easily handle everything from recruiting and employee performance to time and attendance management. Moreover, everything is customizable. 

PayDay Payroll software is accessible through browsers or mobile apps (Android and iOS). Their support is available via phone, email, or webchat during working hours.

payday payroll


Among the top features of the PayDay Payroll software include:

  • Full integration with other business systems 

  • Manage Payroll for anyone and anytime from a cloud-based system 

  • Supports various payment options (from direct deposits to paycards)

  • Easy management and payment of third-party payments 

  • Real-time reporting


Pricing: Contact the vendor

Pricing Option: Subscription

Business Size: Small, Medium

10. Seamless HR - HR and payroll software for the modern workplace

Seamless HR is another exceptional HR and payroll management system that helps medium and large-sized companies automate their HR process and payroll services. It also comes with a performance management system for the user's business. Predominantly, you enjoy a compliance-friendly payroll workflow and advanced payroll reporting.



Among the top features of the Seamless HR and payroll software:

  • Supports management of single or multiple companies from a single platform

  • Custom payroll reports 

  • Allows seamless running of error-free Payroll 

  • Advanced payroll reporting 

  • Disburse payments directly to your employees' bank accounts


Pricing: Contact the Vendor

Pricing Option: Free trial and Subscription

Business Size: Small, Medium, Large

Final Thoughts on HR and Payroll Software 

There are hundreds of HR and payroll software in the market. However, consider choosing an ideal software that aligns with your business needs. Additionally, ensure it has a user-friendly interface, and you can quickly get customer support. Also, try utilising the Demos offered by your preferred software company to understand better how the software functions.

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