Candidate Self Service Portal

An increasing number of businesses are recognising the benefits of reliable and dedicated candidate self-service portals for improving the company's overall brand image. A great candidate experience is usually a very high priority for most organisations. Candidate Self Service Portal is a great way to deliver the best experience to the candidate. It allows the candidate to play around the system on their own and increase transparency between employer and candidate.

The following are the different functions candidate can do into the system

  • Self Registration
  • Setup and update profile including resume
  • Search for matching jobs
  • Submit application to the jobs
  • Track application status
  • Verify interview schedule
  • Update GDPR settings

The following are the major advantages of our Candidate Self-Service Portal

  • Customise based on your website look & feel
  • Increase transparency between recruiter and employer
  • Deliver better experience to Candidate
  • Increase application count
  • Reduce your service cost
  • Boost your site traffic
  • Increase positive recommendations and social engagement