As the name implies, diversity sourcing is the process of identifying talent from various backgrounds, such as different races, genders, languages, and geographies.

By creating varied hiring strategies, diversity sourcing solutions can increase organisational performance.

Diversity sourcing in the workplace results in a diversified workforce that contributes to the organization's goals.

Diversity sourcing necessitates a company-wide effort and cannot be accomplished solely through words.

To do diversity sourcing, make sure that everyone in your company is on the same line and that you are open about your minority-friendly culture.

In this book, we'll show you how to use diverse sourcing to hire the best people from all around the world.

Key takeaways:
    • What is diversity sourcing?
    • How to carry diversity sourcing?
    • How to form a training program for diversity sourcing?
    • Where to source diverse candidates from?
    • Benefits of diversity sourcing

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