Recruitment and sourcing the right personnel is still one of HR's primary concerns.

Although finding and recruiting the appropriate employees is difficult, putting forth a little effort might save you money on bad hires.

Each organisation has its own set of standards for qualified individuals. However, not all of the ideal applicants apply to your firm. In this situation, you go on the hunt for applicants.

There are several candidate sourcing platforms where applicants can be found, and you can also use recruitment tools to find candidates who fit your requirements.

In this e-book, we'll go through the most fundamental, yet crucial, measures to take during recruitment and sourcing.

Key takeaways:
    • Need of Applicant Tracking System
    • What is candidate sourcing?
    • What is recruitment?
    • Types of recruitment
    • Candidate recruitment and sourcing platforms
    • Recruiting software for candidate sourcing
    • Challenges in sourcing candidates
    • Best practices to source candidates

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