Task Management

The calendar helps you to plan and organise your day to day recruitment activities without any conflicts.


It sends push notifications to make sure you attend every event on time. It is a one-stop centre to manage all your activities including

  • Interviews
  • Tasks
  • Events
  • Holidays
  • Call Reminders

You can create and adjust different events very easily by performing drag & drop operations.

It especially helps recruiters as they always deal with plenty of people every day, and punctuality is one of the essential aspects.

Calendar scheduler
Calendar sync

Calendar Synchronisation

The calendar is an essential part of every recruiter, as they can have their own tasks management through the calendar. iSmartRecruit Calendar can be integrated with your Google and Outlook calendar, so the tasks or events scheduled on those calendars can be seen and tracked in the iSmartRecruit calendar too.

The iSmartRecruit calendar has task management ability. You can create various tasks, schedule an interview or event, and create a call reminder too. The calendar can also keep the feedback of a recruiter over the interview for future reference.

Creating Events and Task in the calendar

It is very easy to create any event or task in the iSamartRecruit. The system will automatically remind you about the tasks and events. You can also associate the task with client, job, candidate etc.

Create event
Schedule interview

Scheduling an Interview

Scheduling an interview is one of the routine jobs for recruiters. Recruiters have to go through so many interviews a day. After scheduling an interview, the recruiter needs to inform that interview to all the stakeholders. As a part of automation, iSmartRecruit Calendar will inform all the stakeholders on behalf of you via mail. So it will be time-saving and effort saving. After completing the interview process, your recruiter can also preserve some detailed feedback about the interview.