Two-way SMS synchronisation and VOIP (Voice Over the IP) Calling Service

Two-way SMS synch will help you to send Text Messages to the candidates directly from the iSmartRecruit. VOIP (Voice Over the IP) Calling will allow to make a call just like you call from your cell phone.

Two Way SMS Sync

The candidate management is the essential job for recruiters. The candidates are always willing to have the best experience throughout their hiring. Recruiters need to be in touch with candidates from the beginning to the end. The easiest way to get in constant touch with the candidate is to give them Text SMS and call.

iSmartRecruit is providing you with the Twilio SMS synchronisation feature that allows you to send an SMS - Text Message within the system, and you can trackback your SMS conversation history too.

two way sms

VOIP (Voice Over the IP) Service

VOIP (Voice Over the IP) is one of the most fascinating features these days. This feature allows you to have a telephonic conversation over the internet.

A recruiter can have some credits of the Twilio, and it will provide you the Twilio Number. You can use this number as your telephone number, and you can call your candidates with the system. So don’t need to use your personal mobile number and using any mobile phone at all. You can communicate via the system and have the conversation history in the system log too.